The soccer fever is here!

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The soccer fever is here!

Our four interviewees are going to party big for the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Two of them, Pablo Mastroeni and Gabriel Torres, professional soccer players who’ve had their feet on important soccer fields before, will watch the games closely to continue to learn about the sport. Our female interviewees, Paola Varela Rossi and Nohemí Márquez will have to talk about soccer non-stop until July 15, because they are sports anchors at the local T.V. stations in Denver.

They have felt the pressure

The current Colorado Rapids head coach played with the U.S. team during the World Cups of 2002 and 2006. “Ever since I was a child I dreamt of playing at a World Cup. It was a big achievement to represent my country.” Pablo already forgot the red card he got during the game against Italy in 2006; but treasures the memory of the victory over Portugal. “We defeated one of the big ones, advanced to the round of sixteen, and then, after defeating Mexico, we made it to the quarterfinals. That was the best moment of my career.”

Pablo prefers not to predict any winners but he made some comments about the teams. “I believe the Argentinean team might be dangerous if its best forwards, Messi, Agüero and Di Maria play together and have the support of the rest of the team. He also added, “I believe Chile will be a pleasant surprise; not only for the presence of star player Alexis Sánchez, but because they have shown to be an organized team that shows commitment and a good offense.” But, Pablo’s favorite team is the U.S. “They have an adequate preparation and strategy to come out of the group where they are. Winning the first game, they will continue forward.”

Pablo is getting ready to watch on T.V. all the games the U.S. team will play. “I will get together with my friends from Argentina, Colombia and Americans, who are big fanatics of soccer as I am, if not more.” Pablo said he will record all the games to watch them in detail, when he is not training. “Attending the World Cup as a player is very stressful. I still can’t get used to enjoying the World Cup as a spectator. I will be able to enjoy it for a second time. It will be fun to watch Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas, the whole Spanish national team in video”, he said.

Almost there

One of the players Pablo coaches on the Colorado Rapids is forward Gabriel Torres. This Panamanian player lost his opportunity to go to the World Cup. At the last minute of a decisive game, the U.S. team scored a goal on Panama, to leave them out of the cup, and allowing Mexico to advance and be able to participate in the World Cup. “It is hard to see what happened and we only needed one more point to be at the World Cup,” Torres mentioned. But he did go to Brazil. He was summoned by the Panamanian national tem to face the powerful Brazilian team in a friendly match on June 3rd. He stepped on the field and had a good game.

Torres is planning on watching the World Cup games in his house with family and friends. He will be watching the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, “who are the best players in the world; and I want to learn from them”. And although he doesn’t have a team to cheer for, he said he hopes for “Honduras and Costa Rica to do well and go as far as they can, since they are two very good Central American teams”. Torres is also watching to see what role Colombia will play. “This team has very good players and there could be a surprise”.

They want it to be longer

Telemundo-Denver’s sports anchor Paola Varela Rossi, agrees with Torres. She wants to watch Colombia play, “it is my favorite team” she says. She has her reasons. Paola is from Barranquilla, the host city for the Colombian team; and she also was the queen of the Colombian soccer team in 1998. “We have a good team, with such good players, it reminds me of the teams in 1994 and 1998, when Pibe Valderrama was playing”. In regards to Falcao she said, “He made a good decision to be absent, and not risk his health”. Paola confessed she also likes the teams from Argentina and Uruguay. “Brazil has to give opportunities to other teams”, she added.

Paola has soccer flowing through her veins. “In our family, we live the World Cup, as a family celebration, which unites us more. We enjoy it, but we think it is too short”, she stated. At Paola’s home, there is no fight for the T.V.’s remote control. “It is very clear for everyone that the time coming is to enjoy the World Cup. And my husband agrees with me; since he was a professional soccer player”. She also added “I will be informed 24 hours a day, so I can report everything about the games. It is clear for everyone that we will talk only about soccer at my house until July 13th”, she said.

They will make it to the fifth game

The situation at Nohemí Marquez’s home will be similar to Paola’s. It will be Nohemí who will control the T.V. and everyone at her home will be infected with the World Cup fever. “I am not one of those women who thinks ‘I am glad this madness only lasts a month’. I believe the opposite is true, I want it to be longer.” Nohemí practices taekwondo, tennis and volleyball, and her love for sports brought her to sports journalism, as a commentator and narrator for 1150AM. “I will spend the month of the World Cup very amused sharing points of view with my colleagues and my family”, she added.

“My favorite team is Germany, because of their discipline. They have a lethal player; Miroslav Klose”, says Nohemí. But, she also likes the teams from the U.S. and Mexico.
“U.S. usually has a good performance”. And regarding Mexico she said “they could have been better prepared, but they still have the talent for a 5th game”. Nohemí believes the starting lineup should include Peralta as a forward and Ochoa as a goalkeeper, because of his international experience. She also trusts the contribution that Giovanni and Chicharito can give to the team.

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