Thalía Reinvented again

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Thalía Reinvented again

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After 25 million copies of her albums sold, and her latest video gone viral, the Mexican singer Thalia launches a new album: “Valiente” (Brave). In her recent video uploaded to her social media accounts she was addressing her followers with questions like: “Are you there my love? Can you hear me, are you listening, can you feel me?”. This new album shows the evolution of her music, from Latin pop to urban rhythms. After 25 million albums sold, she is considered one of the most famous Latina singers. 

Amongst her greatest hits are “Entre el mar y una estrella” (Between the sea and a star), “¿A quién le importa?” (Who cares?), “Piel morena” (Dark skin), “No me enseñaste” (You didn’t teach me) y “Equivocada” (Mistaken). More recently, this Mexican artist who was born in 1971, has released songs like “Desde esa noche” (Since that night) y “No me acuerdo” (I Don’t remember), in duets with Maluma and Natti Natasha, young stars of urban music. The way in which Thalia adapts to all these styles shows that she is a versatile.

Her artistic rebirth is preceded by a multifaceted career. This Mexican star starred numerous soap operas, and she also did theater, radio and modeling. And we should not forget she is also a businesswoman. In 2013, she received a Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which makes her the first Mexican-born female singer to receive this honor. That was an important milestone in her career.

A social media expert 

Her laidback personality has helped giver her relevance on social media. And she knows how to use it to her advantage. This is the case of her most recent video that went viral on Instagram. On that video, the artist was addressing her followers with questions like: “Are you there my love? Can you hear me, are you listening, can you feel me?”. That gave birth to her song ” Me oyen, me escuchan?” (Can you hear me, are you listening?), a song that uses contents from said video.

Thalia commented on how it feels to be the most commented woman when her video went viral. “I love it and I think it’s fun. One of the things I will always say, even after a thousand years, that my greatest life goal is to make someone smile.” She doesn’t hide the fact that she understands showbusiness very well and that she knows how to handle it. 

A great career 

She is a Latin pop queen, but she is also well known as the queen of soap operas. She gave life to several characters in productions such as “La Quinceañera” (1987); “La Trilogía de Las Marías” (1992); “Marimar” (1994); “María la del Barrio” (1995); “Rosalinda” (1999); and others. Some consider her participation in soap operas as a crucial step to her success. She has been considered a popular icon throughout the world, based on the cultural impact and high levels of audience all her soap operas had.

She debuted as a solo singer with “Thalía” (1990), an album that was released in Mexico and sold more than 200,000 copies. Later, after many other music and TV successes, she presented “Primera Fila” (Front Row), the first live album recorded by the singer. This production showed her vulnerability and got her a Diamond-certified album. Unlike her other albums, this one was recorded before a select audience of about 300 people at the Bank United Center of Miami University, where she was accompanied by 12 musicians.

Committed to humanitarian work

In addition to her music career, Thalía has been involved in very relevant humanitarian work. In 2016, she was named UNICEF Ambassador in Mexico. “I always wanted to give and help. I gave monetary donations for many years, but I never imagined that, through my work social media, I could raise more awareness to help give better lives to thousands of children in Mexico and the whole world,” said the singer when she was appointed.  

“As a Mexican, as a Latina, as a mother of two children, I want to give the best I can to raise awareness to help these children, who are vulnerable,” said the star when she was appointed. Since 2014, the artist has also participated in a campaign on social media by “bullying is not a game.” This is an initiative that is being used in social media to fight school violence in Mexico that has been promoted by a citizen initiative called Basta MX.

A brave return

Thalía returns with an album full of hits. In this production, she works with other important artists, such as Fonseca, Natti Natasha, Carlos Rivera and the band Gente de Zona. “Valiente” (Brave), has been a huge success on the different online platforms where it is available.

She revealed the final results of some of her new songs on social media. She created a stir amongst her millions of followers. Her tour to promote this new album ends on February 15th. She is very happy with this new musical production, as she said in Los Ángeles, when she presented “Valiente”. 

A good life

The artist just turned 47. She continues to be married to the renowned music executive Tommy Mottola. She and Mottola have two children: Sabrina and Matthew. When she was asked about age and her strong presence on the music industry, she said that it was just a number. “Age doesn’t exist for me,” she said.


Thalía returns with an album full of hits. This production includes work with important artists such as Fonseca, Natti Natasha, Carlos Rivera and the band Gente de Zona. 

Queen of soap operas

Thalía continues to be the undisputed queen of soap operas in all Latin-America. During the 20 years she has been absent form acting, no other soap opera has reached the audience her productions had. She portrayed characters in seven soap operas, that were translated into 14 languages. Thalia visited all five continents in two opportunities while promoting her acting work.

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