SAZON February 2019: Dos Luces Brewery

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SAZON February 2019: Dos Luces Brewery

Produced by Dos Luces Brewery

Beer with Aztec and Inca flavors 

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Dos Luces Brewery presents a unique proposal. Their artisan beers are gluten free and their main ingredient is corn. This brewery, located in the South Broadway area, brings an extraordinary place for leisure for those who reside in or visit Denver.

Dos Luces Brewery is the only brewery in Colorado and in the U.S. that elaborates their product with corn as a main ingredient. The brewery specializes in the brewing of “chicha’ and “pulque”, fermented drinks that have a long Hispanic tradition. Chicha was the signature alcoholic drink of the Inca empire; while pulque was present in all rituals and ceremonies of the Aztec Civilization. Both drinks are still present and are very popular in Peru and Mexico.

This new brewery has taken the Pre-Columbian ingredients to create beers with exquisite and original flavors. “Those who visit us can taste traditional and innovative flavors. And at the same time these are complex and simple flavors”, said Judd Belstock, founder and owner of Dos Luces Brewery. He added, “our mission is to change the way people think about beer”. Belstock refers to the belief that beer only comes from barley, yeast, water and hops. 

 “Our beer does not have barley or hops. They have water and yeast, but they use corn, instead of barley. And we use spices, cinnamon and cloves, instead of hops. In some beers, we added, we use sap of maguey, cacao, cayenne paper, lime and other fruits” said Belstock. This entrepreneur made clear his love for beer. And that is the reason why he and his partner, Sam Alcaine, have dared to innovate and enrich the flavor of beer. The beers that Belstock and Alcaine have created have a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other beer.

Gluten free 

Belstock emphasized that the beers produced at Dos Lunas Brewery are gluten free. Barley, which contains gluten, has been replaced by corn, which has no gluten. Not having gluten adds some virtues to these beers These are naturally energizing drinks with natural ingredients. One of those ingredients, the corn, is a product of the Americas. The chicha and pulque that is produced at this brewery has malted blue corn from Colorado. Meanwhile, the chicha morada, which is a non-alcoholic brew, is crafted from purple corn, imported from Peru.

Chicha Inti 

Honoring the Inca God of the Sun 

This beer is made from malted blue corn, that has been mixed with whole kernels of Peruvian purple corn. This combination gives the beer unique color and flavor. The cloves and the cinnamon also add a sweet touch that is inspired by the Peruvian “chicha de jora”. It has a 5 per cent alcohol (ABV) and it is gluten free.

Chicha Morada 

Chicha Morada is made from purple corn, a variety that is only harvested in Peru. This beer also has fruits and spices like cloves and cinnamon. This unfermented drink is sweetened with a touch of maguey nectar. It is alcohol free and gluten free.

Guanábana Chicha 

This is another Peruvian chicha variety that features a fruit flavor. In this case, it is flavored with soursop. The rest of the ingredients are malted blue corn, clove and cinnamon, among others. This is a gluten free drink that features a 4.7 per cent alcohol (ABV).

Pumpking Spice Chicha

Dos Lunas Brewery produces a delicious pumpkin based beer. It is a must-try. This beer is made with fresh pureed pumpkin. Its flavor is complemented with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. This last ingredient is widely used in the Mexican cuisine.

Pulque Metztli

Honoring Aztec God of The Moon

 Dos Luces Brewery produces a special version of the Mexican pulque. This beer is created with the traditional ingredient of the pulque: “Aguamiel,” or maguey sap. But this local brewery adds malted blue corn, harvested in Colorado. This beer has a touch of cinnamon, cloves, and fruits to obtain a flavor that at the same time is spicy, sweet and sour.

Azteca Pulque 

This other variety of pulque reflects the creativity at Dos Luces. This drink combines aguamiel, or maguey sap, and malted blue corn. In addition, it also has Mexican Cacao nibs; cacao powder; chocolate, and cayenne pepper. This combination of flavors honors the richness of the Mexican culture and traditions.

Belstock and Alcaine share their love for beer. Belstock has been in the beer industry since he was 23 years old. He has spent 17 years in the beer business, gaining valuable experience in the areas of production, marketing and sales. Meanwhile, his partner, who he met 14 years ago, is a specialist in the area of brewing. Alcaine is a professor at Cornell University specialized in Brewing.

They share their passion for the Hispanic culture and that is what motivated them to learn the process of making Mexican pulque and Peruvian chicha. Alcaine is the child of a Salvadorian father and Peruvian mother. On the other hand, Belstock learned from his parents to have a special interest in Latin America. He traveled extensively with his parents through Mexico, Central and South America. His father served at the Peace corps in Peru and his mother owns a Pre-Columbian art store.

Lugar de esparcimiento

“Dos Lunas” Brewery está localizada en la dinámica área de South Broadway. Está rodeada de tiendas de antigüedades, restaurantes, y cafeterías. Visitar el lugar le dejará una grata experiencia. El local es amplio, bien iluminado y muy confortable. Va a encontrar piezas de arte hispanoamericano que otorgan gran personalidad al lugar.

“Dos Lunas” Brewery is located at the dynamic South Broadway area. It is surrounded by antique stores, restaurants and coffee shops. Visiting this place will account for a great experience. The building is open, full of light and very comfortable. You will find pieces of Hispanic art that give the place its personality.

Dos Luces Brewery

1236 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80210

Martes – jueves: 4 pm-10pm

Viernes: 1 pm-10pm

Sábado: 12 pm-10pm

Domingo: 12 pm-9pm


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