SAVE THE DATE: Enjoy a colonial treasure

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SAVE THE DATE: Enjoy a colonial treasure

You will have the opportunity to see original pages of the document “New Chronicle and Good Government” that is turning 400-years-old. This document, dated from 1615, was written and illustrated by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, an indigenous chronicler. On the document, Poma de Ayala told about the injustices that were committed by the Spanish conquistadors on the natives and the impact the conquest had over the Andean world. 

This man started walking in Ayacucho and delivered in Lima this important manuscript with 1,188 pages, including 398 drawings, addressed to the King of Spain. This document will be exhibited at the Museo de las Americas by initiative of the Consulate of Peru in Denver. This exhibit was created by the Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru and will travel the world for about 5 years. 

Walk the Autor Exhibit 

IV Centenary of the New Chronicle and Good Government                           of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala

February 28th to March 10th, 2019


Monday -Saturday

Museo de las Américas 

861 Santa Fe Dr.

Denver, CO 80204

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