Roberto Tapia confesses: “I am temperamental and want to change”

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Roberto Tapia confesses: “I am temperamental and want to change”

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The Regional Mexican Singer Roberto Tapia received the new year 2016 in Culiacan, city in Mexico where he grew up. We spoke with him about his professional projects for the new year. And even more important, he shared with us his personal projects for 2016. “I am very temperamental and want to change that,” he confessed.

Career projects

Roberto Tapia is a very successful artist, with his own star at the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. He likes the Mexican “norteño” style that includes banda and corridos. Tapia has also recorded pop and even hip hop. He studied music in Culiacán, playing the clarinet at the symphonic orchestra of his city. His musical knowledge allows him to write most of the songs he sings. He started his singing career when he was 14 years old. Now he is presenting “Diferente”, his 12th musical production.

What makes this new album different than the previous ones?

RT: I wrote most of the songs included in “Diferente”. On my lyrics I talk about love and heartbreak. But I didn’t forget about the party! I want those who are happy and celebrating with tequila to have a good time listening to my songs.

Why did you include a song by Espinoza Paz, your competitor?

RT: I listened to that song at a party. It felt like an old song, and I liked it a lot. Espinoza Paz is a great composer and singer.

You just got a star at the Las Vegas Walk of Stars; but what is the best recognition an artist can get?

RT: Awards always motivate you to keep going, but the best reward for an artist is when people buy their records; download their songs or buy a ticket to one of their concerts.

When will we see you on T.V. again?

RT: I am in conversations for the launching of a reality show. I was invited to participate on a show of that line and we worked everything related to the production. I would also like to be part of a soap opera. I collaborated in 14 episodes of “El Señor de los Cielos.” Acting is a skill that I would like to continue to develop.

What is your next professional challenge?

RT: I will have a show at the Microsoft Theater –previously Nokia– in Los Angeles in February. This venue holds more than 7 thousand people. I have performed there for the past 6 years with very good results. And I also want to succeed there in 2016.


New year, new life

Tapia was born in San Diego, California. His parents had migrated to the United States for work reasons. While a baby, he went back to this parent’s hometown, Culiacán, Sinaloa. There, he grew up and developed his artistic talents, but also saw his soccer dreams fade. Soccer is his other passion. He received the new year 2016 in Culiacán with his grandmothers.

Tell us about your wishes for the new year

RT: Before all I want to have health. Have peace and have work. I want my daughters to be happy and overflowing with health and joy. With all my heart I pray to God that my grandparents are here with me; they have been a key part of my life. And I want to have big parties; that is why I came to Culiacán for the new year.

What is your secret dream for 2016?

RT: I would love to perform at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. It is my biggest dream. I would also like –someday­– to sing at the L.A. Lakers stadium. Only Jenny Rivera, Vicente Fernández and Maná have performed there.

What places do you want to visit in the next twelve months?

RT: I want to explore Colombia and go back to visit Spain. I would love to attend a Real Madrid soccer game. I am a fan of that team. And I want to get an autograph from James Rodríguez.

What aspect of yourself you want to improve in the new year?

RT: I would like to be less temperamental. I am a perfectionist and I get mad when I can’t get to what I want. I could get unpleasant at times. I have to fix that.

Any advice for your friends for the new year?

RT: I will say that with discipline, many things can be achieved. They must focus on achieving their goals. They must have the desire to get ahead and set goals. My mother sold her house so that I could record my first album. That motivated me to move forward and believe on what I was doing.


Loving Colorado

Do you have a good time when you visit Denver?

RT: I’ve been coming to Denver since the beginning of my career. I love coming to the city, because every time it reminds me of my trajectory. For me, Denver and all Colorado, have a special charm. I love the people, the geography, and the warmth I find in Coloradans.

What can you tell us about your most recent show in Denver, at the “El Grito” celebration?

RT: The best satisfaction I had was outside of the stage. A special-needs child and his mother were following the bus I was traveling in. When I saw them, I requested a stop and got both of them on the bus. I spoke with them, took pictures and had an unforgettable time.


A soccer fan at heart

“My favorite team is Chivas. And of course, Dorados de Sinaloa, who now made it to first division. That is my home team.”


He won’t abandon the “corridos”

Tapia won’t abandon the “corridos” genre, where he became very popular. “In the future, I will record an album with ‘corridos’, probably towards the end of 2016.” This artist respects the decision that some Mexican states made of banning this type of music. “I honestly haven’t had any issues with this. I don’t want to be against anybody, the people, or the government. In the end, whether we like or not, the government is in charge,” he concluded.


Good wishes for Larry

Tapia wishes the best to Larry Hernández. These two singers had the same manager and used to participate in shows together. They parted ways at the end of 2014. “Each of us had our own ideas and we just ended our work relationship,” explained Tapia.

He also added, “Larry is not a bad person, he’s just a bit crazy, but he is not a bad person. From my heart I wish that everything goes well for him. I hope his legal situation is just a temporary nightmare. And he can count on my support.”

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