Raquel García, talent and feeling

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Raquel García, talent and feeling


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Raquel García has spent three years on the
stages in Colorado. As a young girl she surprised us with popular Latin
American songs. Now she is a teenager who continues to captivate us all with
her talent. Raquel can sing any kind of song in Spanish and she is also a great
singer of pop, jazz, and R&B in English. Her rendering of John Lennon’s
“Imagine” during the Mayor’s 2018 State of the City message was memorable. We
spoke with Raquel about what she likes, about her career and about her future.

The young singer Raquel Garcia was the special guest Mayor Michael
Hancock had during his 2018 State of the City. Raquel, who then was 12 years
old and a 7th grade student, was commissioned to sing the iconic song
“Imagine”, written by John Lennon. Raquel arrived with the serenity and
security that characterizes her as an artist.

She achieved her goal.
Her performance was extraordinary. She showcased her voice with all the
registers. Also, she added a special feeling that brought her audience of more
than 2 thousand people to tears. Raquel was part of a magical moment when she
used her voice to showcase the ideas of inclusion and equity that John Lennon
imprinted in that song. It is clear that Raquel is all talent and feeling.

How do you decide to sing a specific song?

Raquel García: I have
to feel it. When I listen, or when I practice, I feel something in my heart. I
feel a different emotion. If I feel something in my heart, that is the sign
that I must sing a song.

How do you prepare to sing the songs in your

RG: The
first thing is to study the lyrics. I want to understand the feelings that are
reflected on the lyrics. Based on that I decide how to interpret it, what
nuance I will use, and I choose the gestures I will use.

You recently sang “El Sombrero Azul” [The Blue
Hat], what feelings did you get from that Salvadorian cumbia?

RG: The
lyrics talk about the beautiful things El Salvador has. That made me think how
Salvadorians are hardworking people. It also brought me good energies and joy.
All those feelings I embraced and tried to communicate when I sang the song.

What feeling do you harness to sing a ranchero

RG: This
music genre requires a brave feeling. How else can I sing strongly “Viva
Mexico!”? We Mexicans are really brave.

Her everyday

Raquel identifies
herself as Mexican. And she has good reasons. All her mother’s family come from
the southern state of Oaxaca. But she lives in multicultural world. On her
father’s side, she has Central American roots, as well as Turkish and Jewish
roots. But she is an American. She was born in Denver and she has lived here
all her life. All that rich ancestry has given Raquel a deep understanding of
the world.

On her everyday life,
she is a normal girl, committed to her family. She is the oldest of seven siblings.
She takes her role of big sister very seriously and protects and guides her
siblings. She is proud of the creativity in each of them. She has taken care of
her mother when she has recovered from childbirth. She is also a devoted 9th-grade
student at the Denver School of Art, a competitive high school in Denver. She
has plans of learning how to speak French, Italian and Vietnamese.   

How do you feel singing in Hebrew?

RG: It is a family tradition. It is
very different to sing in a language with words that sound as if they come from
another world. But I can do it because I understand the culture that comes with
that language. I can speak, read and write in Hebrew.

How is your progress in learning French?

RG: I can sing a little bit in
French. I am taking French classes at my school. My goal is to continue to
learn languages. I want to learn Italian and Vietnamese, so I can sing in those
languages too.

What else do you want to learn in school?

RG: I want
to learn many things. I feel comfortable in that school. They work with me.
They teach me theory and a little bit of every art. I can even learn about
sound engineering and many other disciplines.

What role does faith play in your everyday life?

RG: If
you want to get ahead, you must have faith. It is something I really have. It
helps me. I pray to the Eternal every time I am about to get on stage. I pray
for grace to please my audience. Thanks to Him, I am here.

Your brother is a rocker, are you planning in
singing with him?

RG: Of
course. He invited me to sing with his band. My brother has talent for music.
He plays guitar and piano by ear. All my siblings have something to do with
art. My sister dances and designs. And my other sister paints.  

We know you like to cook, what is the dish your
family asks you to cook?

RG: My mom
really likes how I make chicken soup and beef soup. And when she is sick, or if
she just had a baby, she always tells me: “Make me a soup”. That is what she

Raquel with Mayor Michael Hancock during the State of the City 2018.

Keeping a

In the past three
years, Raquel has accumulated an impressive experience. She has performed more
than 450 times since the first time she sang at a fundraiser to help a girl
with her medical treatments. The walls of her house are covered with awards and
recognitions she has received for supporting hundreds of organizations with her
talent. At the beginning of 2019, Raquel was invited to participate at Estrella
T.V.’s reality show “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” [I have talent, lots of
talent]. She is preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of her own T.V.
show, that she conducts.

What do you remember from the first time you
went on stage?

RG: I used
to sing karaoke in my house. On time, a friend of my parents heard me sing and
invited me to a fundraiser that was taking place to help a girl that was sick.
I didn’t feel ready. And it is not something I was looking for. I wasn’t
thinking about it. There were about 200 people and I was really nervous. Many
people came to me with business cards. And that is when all the invites to sing

Any presentation that was special for you?

RG:  At the beginning of this year I was invited to
an event. When I arrived, I was told I would be singing with a live band. We
had not rehearsed. But when it came the time to sing, I started singing. That
night I sang “At last”, “I will survive,” and “I will always love you.” When I
finished the show, many people approached me. One of those people was promoter
Chuck Morris. That show changed my life.

Many projects

Raquel continues to
grow as an artist and her career is about to take an important step. She is
preparing original material and she is getting ready to perform with live
bands. She has also received an offer for an acting project. “I continue to
work hard to reach my goals and fulfill my dreams. That is what is important,”
explained Raquel. We are convinced that we will continue to celebrate this
young artist that without a doubt will go really far in her career in show

Her favorite

Who do you follow on social media?

RG: I love
to follow social media accounts that relate with food and cooking. I love the
advice from chef Jorge Sosa.

Do you follow any artists?

don’t follow any artists on social media. Many people don’t believe me when I
say that.      

What else do you follow on social media?

RG: I follow photographers because I also like
photography a lot. And, of course, I follow fashion and art.

What artists do you listen to?

like a little bit of everything, as long as the lyrics tell me something. I
like Juan Gabriel very much. I also listen to Shakira, Alejandro Saenz, Reik,

Do you like Billie Eilish?

RG: She
sings good, but it is not my style of music. Her work is innovative and
different. I admire her accomplishments while being a 16-year-old.

Do you like any particular TV series?

RG: Since I
was very young, I haven’t been a fan of T.V. Even less now that I am so busy.

What do you do for exercise?

RG:  I like to run outside and dance.

What is your favorite dish?

RG: Peruvian
lomo saltado, I love it.

What dish do you like to make?

RG: Arroz
a la valenciana, a Central American dish.

What is your favorite song?

RG: “I will always love you”, a song that changed
my way of thinking.

Raquel with her great-grandmother.

In style

Raquel is in control
of her career. And she pays attention to every detail that relates to it. That
is why she works with a group of designers that help her create her image. “Two
of those designers are Deneeese Renne and Mirtha Santacruz. Both of them are extraordinary.
I share my ideas and they guide me. We work as a team,” said Raquel.

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