Pepe Aguilar brings back “Jaripeo”

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Pepe Aguilar brings back “Jaripeo”


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“Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” presented by Pepe Aguilar is a celebration of Mexican culture. Pepe honors charreria, equestrian art, and the different variants of Mexican music. This show also represents a rebirth of the legendary tradition of the Aguilar family. During his childhood and teen years, Pepe traveled the continent with his parents presenting a show similar to the one he is now presenting with his children, the new Aguilar generation. CASA Magazine spoke with him.

During his long music career, Pepe Aguilar has produced 26 albums and fifteen of his singles have topped the Billboard. This singer-songwriter, who has sold more than 15 million copies of his work, has seen his success recognized with 9 Grammys and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pepe decided to rekindle the show that his parents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvstre, iconic singers and actors from Mexico, did for many years. “I have Jaripeo written in my DNA and at my age, I can do crazy things,” he said.

Tradition and Innovation

In the seventies, and as a young boy, Pepe Aguilar traveled the U.S., Mexico and Latin America with his parents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. The Aguilar family of that time was presenting an equestrian musical show called Mexican “Jaripeo”. The new Aguilar family, with Pepe and his children Leonardo and Angela is reviving jaripeo. This show, called “Jaripeo sin Fronteras”, is bringing back tradition and at the same time, making it current and tying it to the Aguilar family once again.

What do you want to bring back from the traditional “Jaripeo”?

PA: There are many types of jaripeo and many people identify it with the work of Joan Sebastian and Cheque Peña. But my father was the first one who climbed on a horse to sing. And my family has presented this kind of show for decades and generations. My father’s “jaripeo” was like a circus, with about 150 people performing on stage. It was a big show; with fighting bulls, serious jockeys as well as funny ones who played stunts. It also included a show with the rope. Our show includes al lof that as well.

What are the new aspects you have added to “Jaripeo sin Fronteras”?

PA:  We have worked in updating the great show that is jaripeo. We are adding current technology. We are using video mapping to project images in different surfaces. There are giant screens and we have created an inviting environment with special effects. In conclusion, “Jaripeo sin Fronteras” is a blend of tradition that has evolved.

What can you tell us about the music that will be presented?

PA: I will be singing all the different genre that you have heard me sing. I will sing with mariachi, with ‘grupera’ band, and with a pop band. All my pop songs will be there, with live music. I will sing all my greatest hits and new material as well.

The new generations

For 45 years the Aguilar family was dedicated to showcase the Mexican jaripeo. All this time, it was clear that this show was the product of the family’s teamwork. This became a workshop to train a new generation. Pepe and his older brother Antonio began their career at their parents’ jaripeos. They learned about music and equestrian arts under the supervision of Antonio Sr. and Flor. Now Pepe is bringing back “Jaripeo sin Fronteras” with a new generation.

What is the goal of presenting this show?

PA: This show, that goes beyond the music and technology is bringing back a tradition. I intentionally brought young people to the stage. There are three generations of musicians. I clearly understand the musical work of my father and I am capturing it. I am also bringing my own material, along the creations of three talented young artists. I am referring to my two children Leonardo and Angela, and Christian Nodal, who brings his extraordinary mariachi work. Christian is very successful. He is topping the charts on Spotify and is very popular on the radio.

How would you describe the artistic talents of Leonardo and Angela?

PA: It is a pleasure to work with them. They both love this. Leonardo is a dedicated worker. He loves music and everything around it. He will go really far. Meanwhile, Angela is what I would describe as natural talent. She has one of those natural talents that are not very common to find. She has worked very hard to polish it and has discovered what you can achieve with hard work. She also has a good vibe that opens doors for her. It is a blessing.

A little bit crazy

Pepe has not stopped working. His first appearance at a jaripeo happened when he was 3 years old. At one of those early appearances, at the Madison Square Garden in New York, he appeared on a pony. He insisted that his father don’t tie him to the horse’s saddle. The pony got scared and threw him over. The young artist fell to the ground crying and was consoled by his father, who took precautions for that not to happen again. It wasn’t a big deal. Now that Pepe is 50 he is back on the horse at a jaripeo.

You just turned 50, why start jaripeo at this age?

PA: Because now I can have a high dose of irresponsibility [laughs]. Now I can do crazy things. I believe that ‘charreada’ is something I have in my DNA. I learned at home and on the stage. I started on this art when I was 3 years old. But, I had not climbed on a horse since 1998. And now I realize that the idea of horse riding and balancing is inside of me. And besides, in this business, the only ones who don’t fall from the horse are those who don’t climb on it. I hope it doesn’t happen.

How are you physically preparing for this challenge?

PA: I start my day with a nutritious smoothie. My lunch is a balanced meal, with protein, carbs, good fats, veggies and fruit, with non-gaseous drinks. I eat a light dinner. And I take long walks and exercise regularly. But my biggest exercise is to ride the horse. That is a truly comprehensive exercise. That is what keeps me in shape since I restarted it a few months ago.

What did you learn from your father after working together at the jaripeo?

PA: He taught me to work hard. He said that work brings you honor. He believed that everyone’s work must be respected. I always remember him saying that I must be serious and honest, and that I should respect what everyone does. He taught me to respect the things I earn. Those are the values I learned from my father.

Committed to México

Pepe is not indifferent to Mexico’s politics. He grew up in Zacatecas. As soon as the recent election results were known, he took to Twitter and issued his opinion. Pepe congratulated and wished the best luck to Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador for his victory. “I want him to do good, from the bottom of my heart. If the president succeeds, Mexico succeeds. It doesn’t matter who we voted for. We are all Mexico. Let’s get to work,” he wrote. Pepe urged the people to make a big effort, in whichever area of work, to give the best to their country.

In regard to politics in Mexico, would you like to add anything besides what you wrote on Twitter?

PA: I am a bit worried that people has so much hope. I see millions of people filled with personal expectations. Everyone has their own idea of what they want to see happen in Mexico. I am afraid that in a short time many of those people my get disappointed because they will realize that changes are not made by only one person. It is the effort of the whole society. The problem is that the disappointment might bring a deterioration of social stability. I fear radicalization.

As a U.S. Citizen

Pepe was born in San Antonio, Texas, by coincidence. His mother was in the U.S. presenting a show and the time for labor arrived. As an adult and with a career to work on, he moved back to the U.S. He is now a committed citizen. He recently announced that in every venue his tour is presented, he will offer voter registration services. Pepe believes in the importance of the Latino vote in the U.S.

Do you have an opinion on the current political situation in the U.S.?

PA: I say, without a doubt, that in this country where I was born and where I live, there is regression. I see we are going backwards on the achievements that were accomplished in past decades. It is sad to see discrimination and the separation of families. It is sad that the construction of the wall is progressing. It is also sad that dialog is out the door and that our president is the “Bully-In-Chief”. It is necessary to have compassion to be able to move forward. Reason must prevail.

With Mexican flair

Jaripeo is a show with Mexican flavor. It can also be described as a “fiesta charra” or equestrian art. It includes jockeys and mounting the fighting bulls. Also, those who participate wear costumes representing traditional Mexican characters. The art with the horses and the bulls is accompanied with mariachi, banda and other musical genres.

Pepe Aguilar has modernized jaripeo by adding technology and visual effects that are attractive to the public. Pepe’s “Jaripeo sin Fronteras” is reinventing the tradition of these great shows and it is also creating a show that will be an unforgettable experience to his audience.

Jaripeo Sin Fronteras

Pepe Aguilar and family

Friday August 17th, 2018


Pepsi Center

1000 Chopper Cir.

Denver, CO 80204

In love with Colorado

The second lego f the tour “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” kicks off in Denver. And this is not a coincidence. “Pape Aguilar’s father fell in love with the beauty of Colorado. And the people here were always very warm and receptive to his jaripeo. He came to the Denver Coliseum several times and he also performed at the State Fair in Pueblo. Denver was one of his best venues after California,” said Marcos Martinez, host at the radio station ¡Que Bueno! And he added, “Denver is where Antonio Aguilar found Jorge Sandoval, his the masters of ceremony for his jaripeo,” he added.

Sandoval is a popular radio host and T.V. executive who was born in New Mexico. He lived in Colorado for many years until his death. “Sandoval lived in Colorado but traveled with Aguilar throughout the country. He was so close to the Aguilar family that he became Pepe’s Godfather,” explained Luis Canela, sports anchor at Telemundo. Canela believes that “Pepe has the same love for Colorado that his father had.”

Twenty-six albums

Pepe Aguilar is about to launch his 26th production titled “No lo Habia Dicho” [I had not say it]. This album is totally different from what his fans are used to. He is combining different styles to create songs filled with fusion that include ballads, rock, pop, cumbia, vallenato and even Sinaloense band.

In this album he also appears as a song writer and producer, and he shows again the high quality of his work and why he is considered one of the best voices in the Hispanic market. He is known for his songs “Por mujeres como tú”, “Por una mujer bonita”, “Me vas a extrañar”, “Perdóname”, “Chaparrita de mi vida” and “Mi credo” amongst others.

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