Omar Chaparro Brave and audacious

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Omar Chaparro                 Brave and audacious





Omar Chaparro has become a true idol for the
Latino audience. He returned with his unique sense of humor to “No Manches
Frida 2”, a movie that keeps the essence of the first one. Titles like “Pulling
Strings”, “La Boda de Valentina”, and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu,” to be
released soon, confirm his versatility.

Mexican actor Omar Chaparro is convinced that his biggest accomplishments in
life came for being “brave” and “audacious. Chaparro, who is also a producer
and screenwriter, explains that nothing has been handed to him and everything
he has accomplished is related to the risks he has taken in his life. “When i
moved from Chihuahua to Mexico City, I had a backpack and nothing else. I have
done it again, but this time from Mexico to Los Angeles, and with my whole
family,” he explained.

that doesn’t make me a risktaker, I don’t know what would,” he questions. The
risks that Omar took have brought a good payoff. The actor says he is living a
time of satisfaction, peace, happiness and self-realization. And he has
continued to harvest successes. After his arrival in Los Angeles in 2016, he
has made 11 movies. In one of them, Struck (2016), he acted and sang in
English. “It was difficult, and I had to start from the beginning. But I am
satisfied,” he confessed.

No Manches Frida

is once again on theaters with the second part of the successful film ‘No
Manches Frida’ (2016). The first part of this film had a box office of $15. The
saga of this comedy is staged in Puerto Vallarta, on he Pacific coast of
Mexico. “Honestly, this is a movie for a Hispanic audience, but, because is
very well told, thought, and the characters are so well structured, that it
works for every audience, even those who don’t speak Spanish,” he explained.

also said that “in the case of No Manches Frida, we were based on a successful
German movie (‘Fack ju Göhte’). What we did was to ‘tropicalize’ the story into
Spanish and give it a twist to make a really good script. The chemistry among
the characters also had a lot to do with the movie working out well,” explained
the 44-year-old artist. While shooting the movie, working with young people
reminded him of his beginnings and his great desire to work on T.V. and movies.

He defends comedy

one of the most important comedians in Mexico, Omar is asking that “comedy be
more valued and appreciated”. In his opinion, “making people laugh is one of
the hardest things to do and it should be more appreciated.” During his
trajectory in the movies, he has performed memorable roles like Oscar on Suave
Patria (2012); Angel on La Boda de Valentina (2018); Juan Carlos de la Sol en
Superfast (2013). The actor explained that comedy is a difficult genre because
“it is different in every country.”

next release is Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (2019) which will happen in May of
this year. Omar worked at this movie, which is an adaptation of the popular
cartoons and shares credit with Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith. Also, at the
end of 2019, the filming of the drama The Winwalker, written and produced by
him, will start.

To be nice

actor celebrated the success of Latin-American productions such as Alfonso
Cuaron’s Roma, that received three Academy Awards, and the ripple it has caused
around the world. He believes Mexican cinema is “having a good moment” because
interesting things are happening, that had never seen before. “The five Mexican
movies with the most box office have been filmed in the past 5 or 6 years, we
are seeing growth in this industry,” he said.

remembers a phrase that his mother told him when he was starting his career.
“It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.” This
talented actor and singer prefers to be remembered as “a good dad, a husband
that loved his family and was happy,” and no so much for the professional
successes he had. “I obviously love what I do, and I do it with passion. That
will bring benefits and I might even be remembered for that,” he explained.

Interpreting the role of his idol

his suitcase still packed with dreams, Omar Chaparro is about to begin filming
“Como caído del Cielo.” This is a musical series based on the life and songs of
renowned actor and singer Pedro Infante. The actor said this opportunity is
“one of the most important challenges” of his career. “Thanks to Pedro Infante
I am here today. He has been my idol all my life and I believe this movie is a
great opportunity,” he emphasized. This is a Netflix production.

In order to bring to life the Mexican icon, Omar has been focusing on learning every one of Infante’s movies, but his vocal talent is there too. He has recorded two studio albums “El gori gori (2012) and Me Enamoré de Ti (2014), as well as a dozen of singles as a soloist and in duets. This artist also sang in the movie Compadres (2016), in which he sang the theme song of the movie, “Si hubieras sabido”. “They are asking me to sing. I had done it in the past, but never before imitating someone else in a movie,” he said.

Short answers

What is your favorite dish?

Omar Chaparro: Oh man,
my favorite dish ever must be pancakes, or hotcakes, how we call them in
Chihuahua… and with syrup. “Karo” syrup, or nothing. And with bacon and a Tres
Leches cake. And even better, a “Susiecake.”

What do you like to cook?

OCH: I am a
specialist making breakfast. I particularly prepare a dish called “Papitas
papá” (Daddy potatoes), that my children love. This is a secret recipe that is
made with potatoes, lots of onions, and tomatoes. Lots of love and two fried
eggs on top.

How do you exercise?

OCH: I almost
always exercise on my own. It is easy for me to create my own choreographies
and routines. I always start by punching the bag. I love martial arts. I
trained Shotokan for many years. I hit the bag, then run for a little bit, and
then do crunches, sit ups and some aerobic exercise. I don’t do weights.

What music do you like to dance?

OCH: When I am
in the groove, partying and happy, I dance whatever is playing.

What music is on your cell phone?

OCH: All kinds
of music. I am very eclectic. I can have the Beatles, Freddy Mercury, Michael
Jackson, as well as banda MS, and Adictiva. I also like to listen to my own
songs. And I listen to Nessun Dorma Kafman.

What is your favorite recent Netflix series?

OCH: A scary one: “The Hauntin of Hill House”. 

His success in Hollywood

Through the big door

Omar entered the U.S. market with the movie Pulling Strings (2013) where he shared credit with Jaime Camil. He later participated in How to be a Latin Lover (2017) and Overboard (2018), with Eugenio Derbez.

A different character

On the movie Compadres (2016), Omar interpreted Commander Diego Garza in this dramatic comedy.

Romantic comedy

Omar joined efforts with Marimar Vega to star in La Boda de Valentina (2018), a fun romantic comedy. These two actors interpret characters that rekindle their childhood love.

Featuring his voice

Omar’s voice was that of Po, the Panda on all three versions of Kung Fu Panda (2008; 2011; 2016). His voice has brought life to characters of The Incredibles (2004); “Un gallo con muchos huevos”, (2015) and Condorito (2017).

No manches Frida

On the movie No manches Frida (2016), Omar shares the main role with Martha Higareda and Fernanda Castillo. On the movie’s saga, the talent of Itatí Cantoral, Aarón Díaz, and Andrea Noli is added.

For the younger ones

In 2019, Omar with debut Pokémon Detective Pikachu. On this movie, he will be Sebastian, a Pokémon trainer.

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