“Novo-Andina”: tradition and innovation

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“Novo-Andina”: tradition and innovation

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During his visit to Colorado, talented Peruvian master chef Cristhian Huerta, taught a master class on the new trends of the Peruvian cuisine. “Our cuisine has evolved. New techniques are being added with the traditional elements it has,” explained Huerta. The young chef explained that the new trend is to add more seafood and ingredients previously unknown like mashua, oca and olluco, three tubercles that come from the mountains of Perú.

Huerta is a professor at the Instituto de Alta Cocina y Gastronomía (USMP) and the Instituto San Igancio de Loyola (ISIL). He teaches about Peruvian cuisine and the skills needed for those who will become the chefs of the future. And those students couldn’t be in better hands. Huerta himself is part o f a new generation of professional chefs dedicated to elevating the cuisine of their country. “I tell my students to bet on our traditions. They don’t have to go anywhere. Let’s rescue our traditions and show them to the world,” he confessed.

His creation

For his master class in Denver, Chef Huerta chose to prepare two fusion dishes. The first one, he prepared a Peruvian ‘causa’ with ceviche. The cause was covered by crunchy dark quinoa. As a final touch, this dish was smothered in chupe de camarones. The chef also prepared Peruvian anticuchos with octopus instead of the traditional beef heart. This dish was served with mashua, oca and olluco. Huerta got the best compliments from all restauranteurs, chefs, and journalist who attended the event.

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