Ninel Conde Reveals her secrets

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Ninel Conde Reveals her secrets

“El bombón asesino”, as many know her after her famous song in 2006, revealed her secrets to us. She gave us details of her new album. She confessed her plans for TV and told us about her entrepreneurial ventures. But, the best part, she shared with all CASA readers her secrets to keep a sculptural body. Conde also believes in cultivating “the beauty of the soul and spirit.”

Professional projects

Ninel Conde, born in Toluca, Mexico, is one of the biggest celebrities in the Hispanic artistic world. She lives in her country of origin but is frequently seen as a singer and a presenter in events and shows that take place in the U.S. Conde also enters our homes through her soap opera characters.

Her participation on soap operas such as “Rebelde”, “Fuego en la Sangre,’ and “Porque el amor manda,” are fondly remembered. This actress has also seen big success in theater. She had lead roles in plays like “Aventurera” and “Perfume de Gardenia”, a record that no other actress or singer has. On top of that, she has invested her profits in diverse entrepreneurial projects.

What can you tell us about your new album?

Ninel Conde: This album is very special, because it showcases a genre that allows me to feel and interpret the lyrics in a very special way. It belongs to the Northern banda style. We are selecting songs and we have very good musical arrangers lined up, who have trust in the project. This album captures experiences that I have lived as a woman.

For those of us who follow your career, what will we find in this new album?

NC: You will find new sounds, special collaborations with colleagues from the ‘grupero’ world; and very romantic lyrics. But I will also sing about heartbreak and life. I will include a song dedicated to my baby. It will be a very heartfelt album, I guarantee that.

From the songs for the new album, which one is your favorite and why?

NC: We are working as a team with a composer for a very emotional song.

Will we see any duets?

NC: We are working on that. We want to have two or three really important ones.

You kicked off 2016 with a theater play “El Sirenito”, what other acting adventures are lined up for you in 2016?

NC: I am very excited about this play because it is a great project. Great comedians participate under the direction of Alejandro Gou, who is a great expert in theater in Mexico. Everyone who has seen the play has laughed really hard.

Do you have any plans to return to TV?

NC: I would love to have a special guest role in a soap opera.

When are you going back to the big screen?

NC: I would love it too. I just need to manage my time.

Will we see you as a presenter in 2016?

NC: We are in talks for me to participate in an event of that kind. I love that part of my career. Presenting galas and events is full of magic, glamour and excitement.

What are your entrepreneurial goals for the new year?

NC: We want to launch three new products with my name. Currently, the corset has been very popular and made many women happy. We are working on new products, like the “bum lifting” jeans, the jeggings, and a sports corset.

Ninel, the mother

Conde had her first daughter, Sofia, almost 19 years ago. Her new baby, who is almost two years old, made her rediscover motherhood. She has tailored her professional activities to also meet the needs of her son, born from her relationship with Giovanni Medina.

You have said that being a mom is a blessing, what was the greatest lesson you learned after the birth of Emmanuel?

NC: I have a new high priority in my life now. I want to see my son grow with me and give him all my love. I want to raise a man that loves God, but overall, a good human being.

What mistakes did you make as a mother when you raised Sofia, that you don’t want to repeat with your baby?

NC: I would rather not go into details, but nobody teaches you how to be a mother. I did the best I could and raised her with all my love. She is a great young lady, studious and disciplined.

What is the best word to describe your relationship with Sofia?

NC: Support. Praise the Lord we were able to send her where she wanted to go and she is doing great. I just don’t like to go into details of her life because she is a very private person. I miss her and really want to see her.

What is your son’s favorite song or bedtime story that you sing o tell him?

NC: He loves “Cepillín” and dances to all of his songs.

Her beauty secrets

At her 39 years of age, Conde still sports a beautiful figure and an enviable tan. Her beauty is coveted by other celebrities that haven’t kept their beauty attributes like Ninel has. Many accuse her of being a fan of going under the knife.

She has told her detractors: “As long as you don’t overdo it and it makes you feel better; you have to trust your instincts.” She also made it clear that she is happy with what God gave her [referring to her physical attributes] and she believes in improving it with exercise.

You have said that after being a mom again, you sleep less, rest less and don’t have time for naps. Jennifer Lopez believes those are the three habits you need to stay in shape. But you look better than ever. What are your secrets?

NC: For me, it works to have a low carb and low sugar diet. I also eat a lot of protein, fiber and vegetables. And I exercise. Also I use my “Cinturilla Slim de Ninel Conde” corset!

What are the three foods you recommend?

NC: I recommend eating fish, quinoa and Chia blends.

How do you keep your beautiful tan?

NC: I go to Acapulco every time I have the opportunity.

How do you take care of your skin?

NC: I use creams by “Sisley.” They are my favorite.

What beauty trick do you recommend, the corsets?

NC: Of course! But I recommend my own: “Cinturilla Slim de Ninel Conde”. It is ideal that you wear it to sleep and use it at all times. When you wake up, drink a glass of water with lemon and a pinch of baking soda.

What type of exercise do you recommend? Pilates, crossfit, Zumba? Any other?

NC: I like lifting weights, but I don’t recommend too much weight. Lifting weights is the best you can do to accelerate your metabolism, burn fat and stay firm.

What do you think about hair extensions?

NC: At some point they were useful for me. But recently, with my pregnancy, my hair grew a lot and I need them less. Extensions pull my hair too much. If I use them, I would prefer those that you can put on and take off, with clips.

What do you do to relax?

NC: I pray, I go to church, I get a massage, and I also go to the gym.

Do you follow any celebrity that inspires you to stay in shape?

NC: No, not really.

How do you define beauty?

NC: Beauty is a gift from God that we must take care of. While physical beauty is relative; true beauty is in the spirit and the soul.

The getaway

Ninel got away to Acapulco for a few days, as she likes to do. The best part is that she shared her good times at the beautiful Mexican Pacific beaches with her Instagram followers. A few days at the beach work well for her, as it clearly shows in these pictures.

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