More services for the Aurora refugee community

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More services for the Aurora refugee community

Newsroom/CASA Magazine

Amanda Blaurock has been appointed as the executive director of Village Exchange Center. Blaurock has fifteen years of experience in international law, having served as counsel for both the U.S. government and in the private sector. She says that in today’s political climate, refugee communities feel fearful. One of her main goals for the Village Exchange Center is to have a team of lawyers knowledgeable in international law on hand to advise immigrants and refugees.

Blaurock’s goal is to make the Village Exchange Center a “one-stop shop” for Aurora’s international community. This institution would offer meals, job training, English classes, legal services, cultural performances and large events like film festivals. Also, it would oversee the implementation of the successful Aurora’s Office of International and Immigrant Affairs’ Natural Helpers Program. “We are conscious about how important it is to attend the needs of the vast refugee community of Aurora”, says Blaurock.

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