Mariana Seoane A Rising Star

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Mariana Seoane A Rising Star


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She is authentic on stage and off stage too. Her eyes sport an undefined color that makes her very attractive. Mariana Seoane was born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, México, on June 10th, 1976. Being the daughter of an Argentinean mother and Cuban-Mexican father, she reflects a mix of rhythm and sensuousness. In exclusive interview, Mariana told us how she feels on her new lead rol at the new Telemundo “narco-series” “El Chema.” She also confessed to us how much she misses her great friend and mentor Juan Gabriel.

Eternal love for Juan Gabriel

Mariana was born in the same town where Juan Gabriel is from. However, that is not the only thing they have in common. Mariana was one of the “favorite” artists of the “Divo de Juarez.” He chose her several times to open his concerts and he invited her numerous times to share the stage with him. These two artists born in Michoacán cultivated a close friendship that allowed Mariana to be part of his inner circle.

The children of the late artist don’t seem to value the affection their father had for Mariana. In late October, the artist said that the Aguilera family were not answering her calls. She made that statement at the presentation of the musical “Amor Eterno,” where she is part of the cast. The legal counsel of the Aguilera children believes this musical, that includes music from Juan Gabriel, violates copyright laws and must be suspended. It is scheduled to start on November 18th.

It is public knowledge that you had a close friendship with Juan Gabriel. How will you remember him?

Mariana Seoane: First, no one day goes by that I don’t think about him. There is not a day where I don’t feel his absence. However, I always keep him close by listening to his music. His songs are with me everywhere I go. And he is always on my mind. I shared a good amount of good times with him and his children.

Getting into the “narco-series”

If the play “Amor Eterno” moves forward, Mariana will be more than busy. On top of her role on the musical, she has a lead role on “El Chema, a new narco-novela that Telemundo will debut towards the end of 2016. In this action series, Mariana embodies Mabel Castaño, a Northern Mexican with a strong personality. Castaño is ambitious, jealous, ruthless and cruel, features that Mariana knows how to interpret to perfection. She is considered the queen of the villains on Mexican T.V.

Mariana has embodied villain characters in many soap operas. She was the main antagonist in “Por ella soy Eva” (2012); “La Tempestad” (2013); y “Hasta el fin del mundo” (2014). Her first role as a villain was on “Tormenta en el paraíso” (2007). But she has performed many other roles in television. Her first lead was with Mauricio islas in “Amor Gitano” (1999), followed by “Rebeca” (2003). In 2006, she was invited to participate together with Jaime Camil in “La fea más bella.”

What did you enjoy the most while working at the production of “El Chema”?

MS: The series has wonderful directors and crew. My colleague actors are the greatest. I am working with colleagues that I had never had the pleasure to work with. Mauricio Ochmann is a great guy. It’s been quite fun to work with him. I have great chemistry with Paco de la O and working with him has been an awesome experience. It’s been a pleasure to work with Fernando Solórzano, a great Colombian actor that I admire. I enjoyed the company of Arcelia Ramírez. And I rejoined great actors like Itatí Cantoral and Julio Bracho. I am very excited. You will definitely enjoy this series.

Duets at the beat of “Banda”

Mariana will give it 100 per cent to her talents as an actress on T.V. and theater. But she will find the time and energy to fulfill her desires to keep singing. She has released six albums. Her single “Me equivoque” became the biggest cumbia hit in 2004. Since then, she’s been one of the best singers of cumbia. She mastered that genre to a perfection, leading some to believe that she is from Colombia. Mariana has added other sounds and rhythms to her albums, and she is now breaking ground in the genre of “banda”

You recorded a single with Los Recoditos. Are you planning in continuing to record banda music?

MS: I recorded with Los Recoditos in a production by our beloved Poncho Lizárraga. I am very happy, since it was a dream I had to fulfill. I had tried for a long time to do this and it finally happened. The single will be out during the first quarter of 2017. It has been an unbelievable journey for me because I have great respect for this genre. The cool thing is that this genre has gotten so hot, that many artists who are not in the genre are starting to record banda songs. This is my second song in banda.

She is in love!

This woman, at the top of her game in her personal and professional life, is admired everywhere she goes. It is impossible to believe that she won’t inspire passions. However, seems like men don’t necessarily get too close to her because she is a strong and independent woman. Recently, she has said she is madly in love. She is not new to relationships, and she has had a few in the past. The point here is that she remains unmarried.

In your opinion, is being single the perfect state for a woman?

MS: To be honest, I have been in a wonderful relationship for the past 9 months. Every stage I have lived, I have enjoyed. Even when I was single for so long, I enjoyed it to the max. But now, I am having a great time in a relationship. It is a stable and loving relationship and I feel loved. I don’t feel that emptiness that being single brings to your life. I am whole. I have enjoyed being single, not because I wanted to, but because I take things as they come. I enjoy every minute of my life.

What do you expect from a man that wants to be with you?

MS: More than anything he needs to be smart and have self-confidence. He needs to understand my work and not try to cut my wings. I need someone to push me to soar higher, like I have, and like I need to. And you know what? I am lucky. I have someone now that meets all those standards. Thank God!

Her beauty secrets

Mariana takes good care of her body. She spends time at the gym and tries to sleep a healthy number of hours. Although she doesn’t follow a strict diet, she doesn’t eat just anything. She takes dance and aerobics classes, to maintain her physique. Her favorite sport is swimming and, as time allows, she likes to ride her bike. Her favorite designers are Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Gustavo Mata and Hector Terrones. As far as fragrance, she prefers it sweet.

What is the main beauty tip you want to share with our readers?

MS: I think all women a beautiful. We all must try to look good and be happy with ourselves and the mirror. The spectrum of beauty is very ample and flexible. You don’t have to be too skinny; or be perfect. It is about looking at the mirror and loving what you see. That is the key. Women must exercise; live a happy and balanced life, and indulge every now and then. I believe that physical activity and exercise, together with inner happiness are the two ingredients for a beautiful woman.

A message for her fans in Colorado

“I can’t wait to visit and sing for you, and bring you the new things I’ve done with my music. Every time I leave my country I love seeing my fellow Mexicans who live in the U.S. It makes me happy to see them succeed. I admire them a lot. I send you a big kiss and blessings.”

Mariana Seoane, singer and actress

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