María Marín: “I feel blessed to be alive”

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María Marín: “I feel blessed to be alive”


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The influential motivational guru María Marín continues to harvest successes. Recently, she launched “Maria Marin Live,” the first reality show broadcast on social media, that already has more than 5 million views. She is about to publish her fifth book. This bestselling writer and T.V. and radio personality from Puerto Rico, continues to overflow with enthusiasm. She now also says that she feels blessed to be alive. During her conversation with CASA Magazine, María shared her testimony on how she survived and what she learned after her experience with breast cancer.

A big battle

At the beginning of 2017, María revealed that she had breast cancer. Those who follow her on social media shared with her the whole process that followed the announcement. María went through two surgeries related to the disease. During the second one, her breasts were removed. On a third surgery, María underwent breast reconstruction.


How was your experience of the mastectomy?

María Marín: Having a double mastectomy was really hard. When you realize that a part of your body will be removed, you panic. I remember the night before the surgery, I was taking a shower, and when I was applying soap, I realized I was going to lose my breasts the next day, so I said good bye to them. I told them: “You are leaving tomorrow, I am grateful for the important role you played for my womanhood, for making me look good, for being a part of my body, which is my temple.” This was a very emotional moment for me, but I knew that it had to happen for me to move forward and survive.

What did you feel after you woke up from that surgery? 

MM: When I saw myself, I was shocked. It was not a pretty picture. You just don’t have breasts. You are totally flat. Your skin is wrinkled. But at that moment, you don’t worry too much about the way you look, because you know that being alive is more important. Also, I knew this was a temporary situation, and that I wouldn’t look like that for the rest of my life.

Lessons learned 

Maria believes this is one of the hardest battles she has had to fight in her life. But, this is not the first time she had an encounter with cancer. She lost her mother to the disease when she was eight years old. In contrast, she survived the illness. This tough experence has allowed her to grow as a person.

How has cancer changed your life? 

MM: I see life from a different perspective… Having cancer made me more sensitive because I lived through the fear and the pain, and now, more than ever I can empathize with other’s pain. The ability to do that is a blessing. Also, having cancer taught me to not give value to the things that don’t have it. I learned that no problem is too big. The worst problem someone can face is the loss of health. With health, you can overcome any financial, professional or romantic adversity. 


What advice would you give to others who are battling cancer?

MM: My advice to anyone who is diagnosed with cancer is to immediately get a second opinion. My first diagnosis only revealed one tumor. After a second opinion, two additional tumors were revealed. Without a doubt, that second opinion saved my life. 

What are you the most grateful for in your life? 

MM: I am grateful that after being diagnosed with cancer a year ago and after going through three big surgeries, I am now cancer free. Thank you, God! I feel blessed for being alive.

Gaining momentum 

This Puerto Rican girl is to be admired for all the obstacles she overcame in her childhood. In addition to losing her mom, loneliness drove her to seek refuge in food, which brought her weight issues. When she was 15, she was diagnosed with diabetes type I and found out she would depend on daily insulin injections for the rest of her life. These adversities have taught her that it doesn’t matter which challenges life might throw at you, you must maintain a positive attitude.

What are your plans for 2018? 

MM: To be honest, this year I decided not to make any resolutions or impose big plans. Last year I made a lot of plans and God decided to change every single one of them. So, this year I will let everything flow, and my focus will be to continue to grow my digital show María Marín Live. I will also be publishing my fifth book this year. This new book will talk about my experiences and my battle with breast cancer. Besides that, if new projects come my way, I will embrace them with my open arms.

Do you have a daily ritual to stay positive?

MM: Every morning, when I open my eyes, I look out the window and regardless if it is sunny or rainy, I sing a famous phrase from The Rascal: “It’s a beautiful morning…” After I sing my song, I thank God for the second chance he gave me of continuing with my life.

How can you stay positive when you are faced with adversity? 

MM: We must remember that everything in this life is temporary. Sometimes we are going through rough times, but we must know that everything passes. It is like the seasons, it doesn’t matter how cold and harsh winter can get, sooner or later, the spring will arrive. 



Brave women

María Marín is one of many women who have faced breast cancer. With María, we could also mention Adamari Lopez, Daniela Romo, Angelica María, Ana María Polo, Adriana Barraza, and Olivia Newton Jones, among other names, who are women that overcame the disease and showed that it is not necessarily a death sentence. U.S. first ladies Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan also survived breast cancer. Medical advances help these warriors prevail over the disease. But, as Maria affirms, the process of recovery of these women was highly influenced by their temper and their motivation.

“Mujeres con ganas” 

María Marín will come to Denver on June 2nd. This motivational guru brings a powerful message for women. “I am really excited to come back to Colorado where my fans are so loving. Thank you for following my columns in Casa Magazine and El Comercio de Colorado. If you want to have success, you can’t miss this conference. I will share with you the knowledge that will help you achieve what you want the most. I promise that after our event, your life wont be the same,” said María. The event “Mujeres con Ganas” will help women to move forward and pursue their dreams.

¡Mujeres con Ganas!

Saturday June 2nd 2018


Crowne Plaza Denver

15500 East 40th Ave.

Aurora, CO 80239  (QR CODE) 

Dream accomplished: “María Marín Live”

María explained that she always had the dream of having her own T.V. show. But, she always had an excuse to postpone it. She made the decision to do it in the middle of her recovery process. “I won’t die without achieving this dream,” she said to herself when she made the decision.

She then transformed her living room in a professional studio. She installed 10 cameras, throughout the place and hired professional lighting. The result has been a successful reality show that is broadcasted live through social media. In the first 6 months it already has more than 5 million views.

A variety of celebrities have visited María’s home to participate in María Marín Live. The first show featured Dr. Juan Rivera. Later we saw Adamari López, Luis Enrique, Rashel Díaz, and many more. “The purpose of my show is for my audience to realize that it doesn’t matter what struggle they are facing, all adversity can be overcome,” she explained.

María Marín Live 

Facebook (logo): @MariaMarinOnline

Every Wednesday 6pm EST

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