Marco Rubio’s American Dream

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Marco Rubio’s American Dream


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We spoke with Marco Rubio, the youngest Presidential hopeful for the Republican party, in an exclusive interview. In a little over a decade, he went from being a Florida House Representative to be on the 2016 presidential race for the Republican party. “America is the only place in the world where you can become someone, even if your parents are not rich,” explains Rubio.

Marco Rubio believes in the American dream. His grandfather was born in a small village in Santa Clara, Cuba. Two generations later, the grandson, Marco Antonio, who earned his law degree is a Senator representing the State of Florida. And, this 44-year-old politician wants to become the first Latino president in the history of the United States. And if he was elected, he would also be one of the youngest presidents in the history of this country.

Speed doesn’t scare Rubio. “My whole life I have worked hard to build my own future,” he asserts. The Senator discarded the idea of waiting longer to pursue his presidential hopes. He also faced his Godfather in politics, Jeb Bush. Rubio has reached to the farthest step in the Republican presidential race, by being one of the three candidates with possibilities of earning the nomination. Rubio shared with us his political proposals as well as his personal tastes.

“I think this nation needs new leaders with new ideas that fit this moment in our history, not showmen or politicians who will say anything to get elected.” Marco Rubio

The Candidate speaks

For those who are Hispanic immigrants, now American citizens, who live and work hard in the United States, and given so many negative comments from republicans lately, why should we and our family and friends vote for a republican like you?

Marco Rubio: “My parents were immigrants who came to America in 1956 with virtually nothing. I often think about how scary it must have been for them to leave the only country they knew to come start from scratch in a place where they didn’t speak the language, had little money and had no connections. But I thank God they did, because that decision to come to America changed the course of their lives, my life and our entire family’s history. But I don’t take it for granted, because I know it wasn’t easy.

For many years after they first arrived, my parents struggled to build a new life here, and there were many setbacks along the way that led them to doubt themselves. But eventually, the miracle of America took root in their lives and changed them, as it has done for so many people throughout our history. It allowed them to find steady jobs, to own a home and be able to provide for their four children, including me. They never became rich or famous, and they never realized all the dreams they once had for themselves.

And yet, they lived the American Dream of giving us – their children – an even better future full of opportunities. I want America to remain this kind of place. It’s the reason why I’m running for president. It’s what drives me and all the policy ideas I’m running on.

I will be a president that unites our country, whether people support me or not; will keep our people safe; will make sure our economy is free to create good jobs while our education system is modernized to help equip people with the skills to do these jobs; and will tackle big issues like the debt and our broken immigration system that have gone unsolved for so long. I want to deal with all these challenges as president. We can’t let them grow even bigger and leave them for future generations to solve.”

Do you think the fact that you are young, good looking, and charming will help you or harm you in the election? Don’t you fear being a current day JFK or Bill Clinton?

MR: Did my wife come up with this question? Hahaha. In all seriousness, I think this nation needs new leaders with new ideas that fit this moment in our history, not showmen or politicians who will say anything to get elected. When I was considering this run for president, many people told me to wait my turn.

My answer was, ‘Wait for what?’ The reality is that we can’t keep waiting to solve all the big challenges that our nation faces. It’s time to turn the page on the leaders of the past and move forward with new ideas and new leaders for this New American Century. And let me just say that I can’t wait to run against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the fall, because I will expose their ideas, their agenda and their candidacies for what they are: relics of the past.

When I am done campaigning for president, I believe a majority of Americans will stand with me and elect me president because I will make the undeniable case that free enterprise is good for our people – because it’s the best economic system for people who are trying to make it. Free enterprise is what made my parents’ success story possible, and it can still do the same for millions in the 21st century, but it needs to be reinvigorated with the new leadership and ideas I offer.

Thinking beyond the party lines, what great qualities of former U.S. presidents would you replicate if you were elected President?

MR: Beyond the vision, leadership and policies that I will bring to the office of the presidency, I will never forget where I came from. Every day I go to work in the White House and the Oval Office, I will do it with the memories of what it was like to live and grow up in my parents’ house. I will remember their struggles, their good days and their bad ones, and always remember that millions across the country today are trying to make ends meet, raise kids and overcome the same worries my parents did.

I want to be a president that leads by example – as someone who unites people and tries to bring out the best in our country. And I will never forget that what I do from the White House and Oval Office will never be as important as the work that goes on in millions of people’s homes every single day. And that my job as president is to make sure people have the freedom to live out their lives and raise their children according to the faith and values they want to instill in them, and to make sure our policies are modernized to help them seize all the opportunities this 21st century has to offer.

“I can’t wait to run against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the fall, because I will expose their ideas, their agenda and their candidacies for what they are: relics of the past.” Marco Rubio

Things Marco Rubio likes

What is your favorite dish?

MR: Pizza.

What sport would you like to practice with your kids?

MR: Football is my favorite sport, and I have enjoyed coaching my two sons’ youth football teams when I’ve been at home. One of my daughters does track and field, and the other horseback riding. I like that all of them are involved in sports because it teaches them valuable life lessons about discipline, working hard, performing under pressure and teamwork.

Do you like to dance? If yes, what kind of music?

MR: I used to dance more when I was younger, especially with hip-hop, club music, and salsa and merengue. In recent years, I’ve come to really like EDM music.

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