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Reggaeton in style

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Reggaeton Singer Maluma is a musical phenomenon in the whole continent. Mexico and the Latinos living in the U.S. adore him. His songs break all records in Central America, South America and his native Colombia. This Colombian artist has created an innovative fusion of urban rhythms and a unique stage presence. He created a fashion line for men, women and kids. And he is a leader on the social networks. We talked with Maluma about his trajectory, his Mexican tour and his personal life.

It happened on May 29th. Reggaetonero Maluma became the first soloist in the Urban genre to fill the National Auditorium in Mexico City. That venue, which is considered sacred and reserved for the elite of those who are established artists, had only previously received two Puerto Rican performers in that genre: Wisin and Yandel. Specialized press believes that Maluma’s success surpassed that of the Puerto Ricans. “For Mexico I only have words of gratitude… I dreamed of it one day,” said Maluma.

This artist’s career has skyrocketed since he launched his first production in 2013, and his second one in 2015. He is the first Urban singer from Colombia to be number one in sales in the U.S. And, his single “Borró Cassette,” topped the lists for 12 weeks in U.S. Hispanic radios, according to “Latin Airplay” from Billboard. Another single from his album “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy,” called “El Perdedor,” is already leading the charts in Latin America.

His evolution

This young artist was born and raised in Medellín, in the heart of the Colombian mountains. It took him a few years to bring his music to the level of popularity it enjoys today. “Since I was a child, I dreamt of playing soccer, but time went by and music won me over with passion… I saw that I had everything I needed to get in this industry, and things started to happen,” he explained. He set foot on a recording studio when he was 16, with the help of his family. The single he recorded, made it to the radio and became a hit. Months later, Maluma signed a contract with a record company.

Everything indicates that Maluma is off to a really good start. “I am starting my career and there is a lot to build and to learn; I am 22 years old and I am willing to sing until the day God wants me to, and my ‘Maluma Family’ (fans) ask for it.” With these words, Juan Luis Londoño, Maluma, explains humbly that the secret to his success is hard work, discipline, and the good music he produces. He wrote 13 of the songs included in his most recent album. “I keep creating new music and I will surprise you all,” he said.


Maluma has delivered two well elaborated musical productions. Most of his songs can be considered to be in the reggaeton genre. “I am an interpreter of music, so I like to sing all types of music. In concert, I sing rancheras, ballads, acoustic versions of my songs, pop, dance, and of course, urban!”, explained the singer. Maluma showed his versatility recently by singing the single “Desde esa noche,” in a duet with Mexican singer Thalia. This song includes rhythms of reggaeton, vallenato and ranchera.

This young artist has also been quite original with his looks, and how he presents himself to his followers. Last year, he launched a fashion clothing line together with the firm Amelissa, that offers mail order shopping. Maluma chose a dual image. Sometimes, he portrays a sophisticated image, and some other times, he shows his irreverent side, with sport garments and vanguard fashion. Maluma likes fashion and what he wears becomes a trend.

Social commitment

Ever since he began his career in 2010, Maluma has consolidated his image as a big social media influencer. He is followed by 19 million Facebook users, and has 2 million Twitter followers. He is the Latin artist with the most followers in Instagram, with 12 million. He doesn’t stop at promoting his career. “People like to see an artist on their everyday life, outside of video productions or interviews,” he explained. He also explained that in social networks, “it is about showing that we are a person like anybody else.” He has used this platform to denounce the racism Latinos face in the United States. That can be seen in his most recent video “El Perdedor” (The Loser), that takes place on the streets of L.A. Maluma has also used his social presence to advocate for gender equality and to support the LGBT community.

For his fans in Colorado

“I want to send a huge hug to my people in Colorado. I hope I can be there very soon to offer my music. Thank you for all the love from the readers of CASA Magazine.”


Maluma goes to the point

Who else would you like to record duets with?

M: JLo, Rihanna, among many others.

What can you tell us about your tour in Mexico?

M: México has become part of me.

What do you miss form Colombia?

M: My grandma’s beans… my family … and my beloved Medallo (Medellín).

How is the woman of your dreams?

M: She needs to be beautiful inside and also understand me.

Have you talked to Belinda again?

M: Of course, Beli is my friend.

In your opinion, who is the best soccer player of all times?

M: Ronaldinho.

Who will win the Copa America?

M: I am supporting my national selection of Colombia!

Will you create a new song and dance step for the Colombian soccer team?

M: Hahaha, let me see what I can come up with…!

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