Luis Coronel “Colorado is my second home”

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Luis Coronel “Colorado is my second home”

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At 20 years of age, Luis Coronel has savored success. Several of his singles from his two albums have been on the Billboard list for months. This Singer and songwriter, born in Tucson, Arizona, has won many awards, such as Premios Juventud, Premios Lo Nuestro, Latin Billboard Music Award, and Latin American Music Award. Tickets to his concerts sell out and every day he has more followers on social media. Luis spoke with CASA Magazine about the price of his success and his plans for the future.

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The price of success

In 2013, Luis Coronel became known in showbiz after he uploaded to YouTube a video of him singing. From then on, he found music producers and gathered many followers. He has become a phenomenon of the Regional Mexican genre by using social media as his main form of promotion. Luis has used the same promo strategies that Justin Bieber used to captivate his young fans.

What do you feel when you are compared to Justin Bieber?

Luis Coronel: I feel positive things in my heart when I see that I am compared to someone who has achieved so much success. I can’t believe I can be compared to Bieber. The good thing about this comparison is to get his good energies and success. Now, my personal life has nothing to do with his reactions and the situations he has been involved in.

What has been the price of fame for you?

LC: The price I had to pay is to be away from my home. I am always traveling and physically away from my family. My feelings get complicated when I am not with my family. Many times I feel lonely. Sometimes I feel sad for things that happen. But, I understand that this separation is part of the business I got in. I must remain strong to do things right.

A normal life

Luis has a complicated schedule. Every week this artist is traveling throughout the United States or Mexico, presenting his concerts. He also dedicates time to writing songs and producing material for his new album. Also, this young musician was casted as a coach for the Sunday show “Va por Ti,” broadcasted by Univision. However, Luis always finds time to feel like a normal person.

How does a free day look like for you?

LC: For me, free time is the time I can spend at home. I get up, wash my face and my teeth like anybody else. Then I sit down and eat the food my mom cooks for me. I talk to my siblings and Play video games with them. I like to watch baseball on T.V. I also grab the car and drive my family around Tucson. It is a pleasure to spend time at home. That is how I use my free time.

What is your favorite food?

LC: Chorizo and eggs, with a side of beans. I eat it with flour tortillas. This is the dish that I like to eat every morning. My mom cooks it for me. But, if I am out, I love to eat breaded shrimp tacos. I always order that.

What kind of exercise do you practice?

LC: I love sports. I played baseball for nine years. I even got offered scholarships to play the sport in college.

Which one is your favorite baseball team?

LC: My team is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What other sports do you practice?

LC: I have also played American Football and practiced boxing. I even boxed daily, when I was living at a gym when I didn’t have a place to stay.

A sad time

Two tragedies occurred in Luis’s life. In 2010, his father died in Mexico in a pedestrian accident. His father had been deported after spending two years in jail. Then, in 2012, his mother lost the mobile home where she was living with Luis and two siblings. The Coronel family went around living with relatives; while Luis accepted the offer of a friend to live at a gym.

How was your life at the gym?

LC: When we lost the house, my family got separated, and I was shattered. Initially, we moved to my aunt’s home. The four of us slept in the same bed. Then, my brother moved out and went to live with his girlfriend. I went to live at the gym, so my mother and sister could be more comfortable. During the 6 months I lived at the gym I had time to think, and I figured I better do something or things were never going to change. Around that time, I recorded a video of myself singing and uploaded it to YouTube. That is how everything started. I had that blessing to get ahead.

What was the hardest thing around those times?

LC: Definitely losing my father. I was only 14 and I was discovering how wonderful it was to have his love. I longed to see him again, while he was in Mexico and couldn’t come back. When he passed, my motivation sank. My siblings and myself dropped out of school. In my heart, I felt my dad was still with me, and that gave me the strength to keep going. And I still feel he is with me sharing everything I am living now.

His plans and dreams

Luis has fulfilled many of his dreams. He recently recorded the single “Me voy the rumba” in a duet with Farruco, a popular artist in the urban music genre. This fusion between regional and urban doesn’t mean Luis has abandoned the regional Mexican genre. This fusion brings reggaeton closer to the ‘banda’ music. And even more important, it shows this young artist’s versatility. Luis is in the process of producing his third album that will be available in December 2016.

Which venue would be a dream for you to sing?

LC: Mexico City’s National Auditorium. My dream is to have a concert there, by myself, as the only artist.

What other artists would you like to sing a duet with?

LC: I recorded with Farruco the song “Me voy the Rumba”, and it came up very good. In the regional Mexican genre, I would like to record a duet with Julión Álvarez. And in other genres, I would love to do something with hip hop artist Sean Paul. I can sing any genre without losing my essence.

Would you like to record with Justin Bieber?

LC: That would be wonderful for my career.

Where would you like to go and take your mom and siblings with you?

LC: I would take them to the Bahamas, to have some fun and enjoy free time.

His second home

Music producers Arturo and Hugo Corral, owners of Empire Productions, signed a contract with Luis as soon as they watched the video he uploaded from the gym. The Corral brothers have been in charge of Luis’ musical production from the beginning. They live in Northern Colorado and that is the reason why Coronel’s career is so close to Colorado. Luis considers Colorado his second home.

You were singing in Greeley in May, how do you feel in Colorado?

LC: I feel great when I go there. Colorado is my second home. In Colorado I enjoy what it is to be in a beautiful place. I spend one or two weeks every time I go. I admire the scenery; I ride a bike, and play baseball. I go about 20 times a year.

Do you visit Colorado just for fun?

LC: Empire Productions, the record label I work with, is located in Colorado and the owners, Arturo and Hugo Corral, are the ones who shaped my career. They found me and supported me. When I visit Colorado, I hang out with their family, their children. I enjoy Colorado and share time with the Corral brothers. They are hardworking people. I like that.

When are you visiting again?

LC: I don’t have a specific date at the moment, but I am sure it will be soon.

His love life

In conversation with CASA Magazine, Luis Coronel explained that the first thing he sees in a woman is her personality. “I want to be with a person that understands what my life is like and that doesn’t give me troubles. Someone who supports me, a good friend. I don’t focus on the physical beauty. I want someone with integrity.” We assume he saw those qualities in his girlfriend Cristina, to whom he declared his love on social media this past August.

His inspiration

“I sing to love and the things that make me happy. The songs I write are stories or moments that I have lived, that I put on paper and into a song.”

Luis Coronel

A call to vote

“It is important for me to emphasize how important it is to vote. We, the new voters must be conscious in choosing who will be the next president of our country. We must vote.”

Luis Coronel

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