Lucero is still the queen

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Lucero is still the queen

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After a 34-year successful career, she is as active as when she appeared on “Alegrías de mediodía” on Televisa. Lucero has made 8 movies and 9 soap operas. Her most recent production, “Por ella soy Eva”, had record audiences in Latin America and the U.S. She just released her 23rd album, “Aquí Estoy”, honoring singer Ana Gabriel. “I try to innovate, renovate myself and evolve,” she said. She remained quiet about her love life; all she said was “my children are the motivation for me to continue with my career.” Lucero lives in the United States where she hosts the show “Lucero, I am the artist” for the Telemundo network. That show gives her the opportunity to show that she is a complete artist.

How do you feel about hosting “Yo Soy el Artista”?

LUCERO: I am happy to be involved in a show that involves music and singing. It is a competition where we are seeking the whole package; a complete artist. I enjoy being influential on the destiny of the participants. I love being part of this professionally made show, different from other music talent shows.

How is the interaction with the other celebrities on the show?

L: We have a very positive work dynamic. There is good chemistry among us –Olga Tañón, Luis Fonsi, Boris Izaguirre and Laura Flores. Each of us is different. We all have different ways of expression and we differ on how we look at life. That keeps the show spicy. And it allows the participants to gain a broader learning, because each one of us have different angles on how we handle our careers.

Which qualities must an artist have?

L: There are a ton of qualities in an artist. But the most important of all is the passion. They have to love doing this. The artist must be convinced he or she chose the perfect career. There is always people with talent for singing and dancing; but the true artists have to be able to reach the audience, so they are captive and want to keep seeing the artist over and over again. This is a quality that you can’t learn, it is a talent, it is part of the intrinsic force the artist has.

How would you describe the life of an artist?

L: An artist has a life very similar to that of other people. The difference is that it is public. In these times, with the social media and the “right-now” media, our lives are even more public. That is why artists must develop their inner strength. They have to believe in themselves, and have clear values and goals. We take precautions to protect the lives and privacy of our family members who don’t have an artistic career. If we don’t do that, our lives will become a circus. We can’t spend the rest of our lives clarifying every rumor. We must know we can’t please everyone. Our main goal is to spend the most time possible doing what we like.

What did you do to become an international star?

L: When you begin on this career and have the luck of getting doors open for you, you want to become an international star. You want to be admired, accepted and loved by the public, everywhere, without limits. That motivated me to put the biggest effort, to be tenacious and persistent. I haven’t allowed my success to become a legend. I always try to innovate, renovate myself and evolve. I always try to give my fans more of what they like. Time has allowed me to consolidate my career in many countries.

 What do you love the most about your career?

L: What I love the most is the love of my fans and the constant support they give me for everything I do, when I sing, act or host a show. I feel accomplished when I feel their affection that has followed me through the years.

And what do you dislike about it?

L: I dislike the rumors that sometimes are created around my life. Many times it is just gossip that then becomes a big lie. Sometimes I am the last one to find out what is been said about me. At that point, I just don’t care and I focus on moving forward with my career.

What advice would you give to new artists?

L: I would say they must be convinced this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. This work requires a lot of persistence, devotion and mental effort. Stay humble and authentic. Stay close to God and your family. When we step off the stage, we are alone. And it is then that we need to know who we are, where we come from and where are we going. We need to be close to our loved ones. Fame is not everything in life.

What do you do to relax?

L: I have learned to let go of the stage and the “celebrity” condition. It helps me to be surrounded with loving people. I keep in touch with my friends, even though they are very few. My family is always with me. And my children are the engine that keeps me going; every day I learn something from them. I also practice yoga and meditate a lot. But don’t believe I spend five hours sitting there. I spend some time to reflect over the good things in life that are free. I am in touch with my inner self, the one that I cannot bribe.

What makes you fall in love?

L: The simplest things make me fall in love. Those things you can’t buy at the store. The things you can’t touch. The sunset, flowers, a beautiful landscape; the sea. I also enjoy people’s laughter, and someone who talks to you with their sincere eyes; and the children. All these things are priceless.

What is the story of your name?

L: That is my mother’s name, my daughter’s name and my name. Lucero is my real name. During my first audition with Televisa, the director asked me: “What is your name?” I told him “Lucerito”. “That must be your artistic name, I want to know your real name,” he responded. That is how they would call me at home, and it sounded good, like something shinny. We then kept it as my artistic name; without my last name. And a lot of people still calls me “Lucerito.”


The new album

Lucero just launched her new album “Aquí estoy” (Here I am) which includes hits that were previously interpreted by Ana Gabriel. “When I heard those songs on the voice of such loved artist as Lucero is, I understood that songs are timeless and with her voice they will reach a different generation,” said Ana Gabriel. She also added “I am grateful that she chose to sing them in the way only she can do it. I wish the best of the universe for her,” she concluded. With this album, the singer and actress wants to touch her fan’s hearts, with some songs being played with mariachi, and others with a pop style band.


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