Latin Fashion Week Colorado (LFWC): Inspiring creators

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Latin Fashion Week Colorado (LFWC):  Inspiring creators

Latin Fashion Week Colorado (LFWC)

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Norberto Mojardín, artist, stylist, and community icon decided to do his part to build up the fashion industry in Colorado. He created and is promoting the first Latino fashion show in Colorado. Latin Fashion Week Colorado (LFWC) will take place from August 24th through the 30th. ‘During the 6 days LFWC will be happening, there will about 1,500 people participating,” revealed Mojardín. This artist said “LFWC will be unforgettable.” Learn the details about this event.

Norberto Mojardín, great artist, stylist and community icon, continues to surprise us. This native of Sonora, who has lived in Colorado for the past 25 years, won in 2018, the international award The One Club for Creativity, after creating a Aztec queen outfit in paper and recycled materials. At the end of the same year, he built the largest Día de los Muertos altar in Denver, almost worthy of a world record Guinness. With everything he does, Norberto brings pride to the Latino community and strengthens his condition as a great artist.

This time, Norberto has added a new phase to his prolific career. He has become the backbone of Latin Fashion Week Colorado (LFWC). This new creation, visualized and promoted by him, will take place between the 24th and the 30th of august at several venues in the Denver Metro area. The ambitious program LFWC has includes a fashion show by local designers, which will open the event, and a showcase of international designers, which will be the conclusion of the week-long event.

An important question

Norberto explained the reasons that took him to create this event. And he didn’t hesitate to adopt a philosophical tone. “The question we often have is, how is a Latino/Latina supposed to look and dress? When we ask this question, we fall into a trap. Because the answer makes us picture an individual with a specific look: Dark hair and eyes; dark skin, and short stature. My friends, with that answer, we are reinforcing a really damaging stereotype,” explained Norberto.

The artist believes the question needs to be reformulated: “I believe we should ask instead: Are Latinos supposed to look a specific way? And the answer is: Definitely not. We must be proud of who we are. And we must reject being stereotyped based on our physical appearance. Every person has an identity. And everyone reflects their identity with everything they do and the way they dress and prep themselves. No one must dictate the fashion, the make up or the style. The point is to create your own style,” he explained. 

And the case of Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio was a perfect example for Norberto to prove his point. “Yalitza started walking down the red carpets in Venezia, Cannes, and Hollywood, with designer clothes. And she immediately began to be cruelly criticized. I believe this woman has the right to fulfil a dream that any woman might have. If she chose to wear a Versace dress, that is ok. You must see the person, not the dress. We can’t judge her by her appearance, and we can’t expect her to always use ethnic clothes.” 

Creativity galore

“We are inviting the community, not just the Hispanics, but everyone, to discover the diversity Hispanics have to offer. At the LFWC events, you will have the opportunity to see creativity galore with a variety of influences and styles,” said Norberto. He used his own experience as an example. “I have a varied ethnic mix. I have Native American blood, as well as Italian and Japanese American. And I feel Mexican and American. I keep all that in mind when I create,” he explained.

Norberto will showcase his most recent collection at the LFC. One of them is precisely a Japanese Mexican fusion. “The creations will have clean cuts, Japanese style. But they will also have hand-painted details, with crystals and canutillo.” This designer believes it is important to find everything that the new talents bring to fashion. “LFWC will be a runway for the creators and the local audience to meet and understand each other,” he explained. 

This artista also wants to create a bridge between multiple generations of creators. “Mona Lucero will play an important role at the local designers show. She is a pioneer. She started organizing fashion shows in Colorado. And she is an example to be followed. She was educated to be a designer. She has promoted fashion. She had her boutique, that later closed. She has persisted and has reinvented herself. Her creations have a special magic. And she will be with us to educate the new upcoming creators,” he explained.

Getting an education  

At the LFWC, a scholarship will be awarded to a young talented designer that wants to get an education in fashion. “We want every edition of LFWC to feature scholarships for young individuals with big dreams to be able to continue their education in any of the disciplines related to the world of fashion. There will be a winner this year. We will give $17,000 that will be used for education and improvement programs. This is a way to inspire those who start in this industry,” revealed Norberto.

With the purpose of educating people in the industry, Norberto joined forces with Scott Lobben, owner of Rita B Salon. “Scott has followed a family tradition with a successful hair salon. He knows the importance of education. He grew in the profession as an apprentice for several years. And he continued to progress and learn, and never forgot the importance of giving others the opportunity to learn. Scott will be part of the educational sessions where he will explain in detail how the apprentice programs work,” said Norberto. 

“We want the creators and those in the business of fashion to acquire new knowledge that will serve their careers. Those who are in the business must know how to create a brand and how to expand their markets. And we couldn’t find anyone better than Nelly Bernal to share what she has learn in her adventure as a designer and producer of shoes,” he said. And he added, “I met Nelly before her trip to Europe. She came back to Colorado and we have recruited her to become a coach for those who want to promote and produce their own designs.”

A great show

Norberto is very clear that another great goal of LFWC is to offer high quality entertainment. “Our shows will feature culture, variety and entertainment. At every event, there will be a show, and the ability to purchase pieces and accessories of many kinds.” Norberto then calculated that “During the six days the LFWC will last, there will be about 1,500 people participating. That includes the models; the support teams of 30 designers; and all the support staff.”

This artist is a true entrepreneur. “I believe we have chosen the right people for every role. We have Sedrique Olison, who is a wholesome expert in the area of style, make up and runway. Sedrique has been behind the image of the Denver Broncos and their cheerleaders for the past 28 years. It is a luxury for us to have this expert training all our models, male and female. And most important, Sedrique has designed all the makeup that will be used on the shows. LFWC will be unforgettable,” concluded Norberto.

Latin Fashion Week Colorado 

August 24th 

Colorado designers 

Fashion Show 

Wings of The Rockies Air and Space Museum

7711 E Academy Blvd.

Denver, CO 80230

August 25th 

Kids and quinceañeras

Fashion Show


2430 S Havana St.

Aurora, CO 80014

August 26th – 28th 

Educational workshops

Denver Museum of Nature & Science 

2001 Colorado Blvd.

Denver, CO 80205

August 29th

Nuestra Modelo Denver

Beauty Pageant

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

119 Park Ave

Denver, CO 80205

August 30th

International designers 

Fashion Show 


1399 35TH St.

Denver, CO 80205

More information 



Governor Jared Polis proclaimed Latin Fashion Week in Colorado between August 24th and 30th.

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