Kate del Castillo Came back as the queen

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Kate del Castillo Came back as the queen



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After the first season of La Reina del Sur ended, Kate del Castillo continued her ascending acting career. In the past eight years, this Mexican actress made seven movies; and starred on the TV series “Dueños del Paraíso” (2015) and “La Ingobernable” (2017). She was also making headlines in politics and in her personal life, with her encounter with Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán and her relationship with Sean Penn. Del Castillo and her character of Teresa Mendoza are returning fiercer than ever.

The Mexican actress Kate del Castillo shined at the premier of the second season of La Reina del Sur and she admitted she feels very identified with Teresa Mendoza, her character on the series. The actress, who has always played strong characters with lots of personality, feels it is very special to take on the character of Mendoza again. “It means a lot of things. This character has really changed my life,” said the actress.

She added, “it has a very strong social component that has to do with Mexico and politics, especially what happened to me,” she explained. This comment is in reference to the controversial episode of her life that relates to narcotrafficker Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán. The actress was investigated by the authorities to find out if she received funding from “El Chapo” for her tequila brand or to film a movie of the narcotrafficker’s life. 

Consequences of that encounter

That meeting she had with Guzmán was crucial for authorities later capture El Chapo in January 2016. Details of that interview were made public in an article that Sean Penn wrote for the magazine Rolling Stone. “I wasn’t able to return to my country at that time to record the series, but now I can. And Teresa Mendoza is also back in her country now. It is a strong analogy and I am in parallel with her. Real life, sometimes, surpasses fiction. Or I should say, always,” she stated.

Filmed in eight countries, the return of “La Reina del Sur,” picks up the story of the powerful narcotrafficker Teresa Mendoza. This second part is being aired eight years after the first part concluded. That same amount of years is what has elapsed in the second season of the series. Kate’s  character disappeared from public life thanks to a U.S. witness protection program, all of that after exposing Mexican presidential candidate Epifanio Vargas. 

With the endorsement of Pérez-Reverte

Teresa Mendoza lives now a low-profile life in Italy as María Dantes.  The character is focused on raising her daughter in the Tuscan villa Massa Marittima. However, her life will make an unexpected turn and she will have to do everything she can to recover her old reign. “I feel Teresa Mendoza as mine, always with the blessing of Arturo Pérez-Reverte”, said the actress with gratitude. Pérez-Reverte is the lauded author that wrote the book “Reina del Sur” that originated the story.

 “We have communicated by email and I express what I feel… And I know he is pleased with that,” confessed the actress. She bragged “I know he [Pérez-Reverte] knows that I left her [a Teresa Mendoza] in good hands, which are his hands too. I hope I meet his expectations”, she added. Del Castillo mentioned she had wanted to wait for the Spanish writer to publish his second book about “La Reina del Sur” to base the sequel on that text.

“I didn’t want to have a sequel if he [Pérez-Reverte] wasn’t part of it. And, even though there isn’t a second book, he created all the structure and he is behind every episode of it,” declared the 46-year old actress from Mexico City. Del Castillo is very happy because the casting for the new season includes great artists like Humberto Zurita, Raoul Bova, Paola Núñez, and Eric Roberts.

Advocate of the “Me too” movement

The Mexican actress also emphasized that her return as Teresa Mendoza takes place at a very special time. This is a time when the “Me Too” movement is the talk of the town. In 2004, details about her divorce from Mexican soccer player Luis Garcia were revealed. Del Castillo denounced then that she was subject to physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Garcia, a former member of the Mexican national soccer team and who is also a TV conductor.  

Maybe as therapy, sometime after that incident, the actress wanted to have a movie script that touched the subject. That project ended up being a soap opera, “Tuya”, that she filmed with the intention of helping other women. “We, women, are standing on our feet. We are capable of leading. And that is how it should be. It was about time. I am satisfied that I am able to present a potent and authentic character as Teresa Mendoza,” she concluded.

What Kate likes

Body art

She has at least eleven tattoos throughout her body.  

Mexican food

Her favorite dishes are tacos and “Frijolitos de Olla” (Beans from the pot). 


She confesses her love for mariachi, banda, pop and classical music. 

Her trips

She has a passion for traveling. 


She has adder her image to a campaign that protects dogs and cats. 


Her second marriage was to actor Aarón Díaz. And she had a torrid romance with Demián Bichir, also an actor. 

The Queen of Combat

Kate del Castillo wants to elevate the status of women in the martial arts world. That brought her to become a shareholder of Combate Américas, the first Hispanic franchise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) that is valued in 20 million dollars. Del Castillo, who has lived in Los Angeles for a few years, intends to empower women with this investment.

But she has an additional purpose. This Mexican actress is a fan of the sport and wants to encourage other women to practice it by becoming the main promoter of contact sports. Del Castillo practices kickboxing and for that reason she said that when she saw an MMA fight for the first time, she felt “elevated”. She also confessed she had never seen anything so intense. She believes “women wrestlers are tremendous, it is incredible.”

In Hollywood 

Kate Del Castillo is enjoying a successful movie career in the U.S. The actress also participates in films in her country, Mexico, and in other Spanish speaking countries. At the same time, she had great success with her Netflix series “La Ingobernable.

The second season

Teresa Mendoza, interpreted by Kate Del Castillo, returns more mature. She is now the mother of a girl. “For the same reason, she is more stubborn, and she will do everything for her daughter. It is a more mature Teresa, but a lot less patient, because she has lived, and has been preparing all these years,” said the actress.

In real life, Del Castillo has never considered becoming a mother. She assures that it is not in her mind and it doesn’t bother her. “Even though I have no children, I have the love and the instinct, and I want to love like a mother can love a child,” said the actress in regards to interpreting the role of a mother, even though she has no children.

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