Julián Gil opens up

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Julián Gil opens up


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Julián Gil successfully concluded his participation in the soap opera “Por Amar Sin Ley”. He is a member of the cast for the second season of this production by Televisa. Julián also continues to have fun every Sunday at Univision’s “República Deportiva” [The Republic of Sports]. In 2019 we will see him on the big screen interpreting Jesus Christ. On a different note, we have seen him fighting a tough battle to stay close to Matías, his youngest son. “Being a father is a privilege,” he confessed to CASA Magazine.

About attorneys

In 2009, Julián Gil was hired for the first time by Televisa to act in the popular soap opera “Sortilegio”. From that time, until now, Julián has been the star of almost ten productions by Televisa, such as “La que no podía amar”, “Hasta el fin del mundo”, and most recently “Por Amar Sin Ley”. This actor also had a prominent role on the series “Eva Luna” produced by Univision. Beyond México and the U.S., Julián has participated in projects in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Perú.

What did you learn from your character Carlos Ibarra in “Por Amar Sin Ley”, that you can use for your everyday life?

Julián Gil: It has been quite interesting to go deeper in the world of the courts and to know more in detail the job of an attorney. In my case, I found it interesting to learn all that goes into resolving a legal case and what it takes to see all points of view to a situation. The coin always has two sides. We are working on the second season now.

Sacred characters

This actor participated in the movie “Jesus de Nazareth”, where he plays the role of the Messiah. The film, recently recorded in Spain, is in the process of being edited. This is the second sacred character Julián has interpreted. In 2017, he was St. James the Apostle in the movie with the name of the apostle. Film has been an important part of his career. So far, he has participated in three productions, with the most recent being “Locos de Amor,” released in 2018. 

What did you get out of stepping into the role of St. James?

JG: Being St. James has marked me. It is a dream character that any actor would want to play. It is difficult to interpret someone from history. I felt a lot of pressure and responsibility, because it is a biblical character and if it wasn’t done right, I would be criticized. The opportunity for this role came to my life at a time where I feel professionally and spiritually strong.

What can you tell us about the coming premier of Jesús de Nazareth?

JG: Being Jesus in a movie was a big responsibility, and an even bigger blessing. Living what he lived makes you humble before the greatness of life and the understanding that he died in our place, so we can live with Him for eternity. This movie will be released in 2019.

His passion

Every weekend, Julián jumps on a plane from Mexico City to Miami. He must be on time to be live, on air, at midnight every Sunday for Univision’s show República Deportiva. On that show, Julián shows his abilities and experience as a T.V. host. He started on that path in Puerto Rico with the show “Julián por la noche”. He later conducted “Apartamento 52”, show that took him to the Guinness book of records after being on air continuously for 32 hours.

What is the best part of conducting República Deportiva?

JG: I love sports, and I enjoy this to the max every Sunday. My mission on this show is to bring all that energy to my audience. I am a big fan of every sport, but you must know that my favorite sport is soccer. Being on República Deportiva gives me the opportunity to work in something that I have a passion for.

What will happen to the Barcelona team when Messi is not around anymore?

JG: I trust in the magic of Barcelona. This is a team with a great developmental program. And believe me, this team has a big program where they train and support young players. They are a talent nursery where every year, new “cracks” come out. These are players with Good performance and extraordinary talent that will be the future stars.

What would be the plan B for a Barcelona fan like you when Messi is gone?

JG: We will clone Messi.

A privilege

Since the beginning of 2017, Julián has faced multiple legal battles to be get closer to his son Matías. He has lost some. But recently, the court that handles his case ruled that the mother of the boy, actress Marjorie de Sousa, can’t unilaterally change the place where Matías lives, without Julián’s authorization. The court also denied Marjorie’s petition to cancel visits by Julián at the Centro de Convivencia in Mexico City.

You became a father for the first time when you were very young. Recently you became a dad again to your son Matías. What advice would Matías’ dad would give to the young father of Nicole and Julián Jr.?

JG: Being a father is a privilege. I became a father when I was a teenager. Nicole was born when I was 16 years old, and it was really difficult, but also a blessing. That gave me the opportunity to open my eyes to the world in a different way to raise her. I later welcomed Julián, who inherited my love for sports. And a year and a half ago, I had Matías. Now that I see my children, I am happy. Nicole, Julián and Matías are and always will be my biggest motivation and pride.

The man

Julián has also adventured into the publishing world. In 2014, he published a book for women, titled “Cómo domar a tu macho” [How to tame your man]. In this book, he wants to teach women the art of attracting and keeping a man. When he wrote this, he wanted to innovate since there are few books written by men, that talks to a woman. The book includes clues on the actions women could take to dominate their men. He assures this book is an expression of his great love for women.

How can you describe the perfect woman?

JG: She must be strong and have deep seductive eyes. I want her to be authentic, sincere, transparent and she needs to make me laugh.

At the movies you have played sacred roles, even the Messiah himself. In real life, ¿Are you a saint?

JG: Let me put it this way: I’m not a saint. But I am a person who doesn’t get stressed out. I am disciplined, a hard worker and transparent. And I am very cheerful!

A healthy life

This actor is 48 years old. His good physique remains from the years when he used to model for his calendars with scant clothes. According to Julián, the key to stay in shape is moderation and exercise. And he is consistent with this. He is the image of “Carson Life by Julián Gil”, a line of natural products that promote integral health for the body, the mind and the spirit.

Ladies in Colorado want to know what you do to keep your good physique.

JG: I am extremely active. I go to the gym at least three times per week. I workout with cardio and weights. Sometimes I play racquetball and soccer, and I alternate. I have fun combining exercise and sports. I can say that physical activity is part of my life, like it is to get dressed or to eat. I also keep a balanced diet, with a good amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber. I live a healthy life.

You live in Mexico; how do you dodge eating tacos?

JG: I am addict to tacos, and I enjoy them a lot. I love Mexican food. That is the only food that I have trouble with to take care of my body. When I eat them I always exercise a bit more than usual.

Besides tacos, which are your three favorite dishes?

JG: Without a doubt: Sushi, pizza and mofongo [traditional Puerto Rican dish].

What kind of music makes you get up and dance?

JG: I am not a great dancer, but I love salsa, merengue and bachata.

“Boricua”, so you know

Julián defines himself as a Puerto Rican who was born in Argentina. And it is true. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1970. At a young age he moved to Puerto Rico, where he grew up. This artist never misses an opportunity to voice the love he has for the country that adopted him and where he started his career. This adopted Puerto Rican created a festival in Miami to promote Puerto Rican culture. Julián dreams for his youngest son to someday go to Puerto Rico. He would love to take Matías to La Laguna del Condado, specificaly. That area on the San Juan Bay is where his mom’s ashes were scattered. He feels like bringing Matías to that place would be a symbolic meeting with his mother.

Why do you organize the event “Fiestas de la Calle in Miami”?

JG: I want to share some “Boricua love” with Puerto Ricans and all Latinos in the U.S. At the festival, we have reproduced many Puerto Rican traditions. For example, we had a procession honoring St. Sebastian with the famous “cabezudos”, allegoric to King Isabel and King Fernando from Spain, and the vejigantes [people wearing masks]. We also had bomba, plean, salsa, mofongo, alcapurria and other things so that the crowd could feel the Puerto Rican culture.

You have lived in many parts of the world, where is your heart?

JG: At Laguna del Condado, in Puerto Rico.

A letter to Matías

“I love you from the day I found out you were coming to this world. Today, with grief, and forced by the circumstances, I have decided to let time give us the opportunity to be together, to see you grow, laugh, run, to be able to hug you, to be your father, something that today has been unfairly denied to us.”

Julián Gil

The actor wrote this message after failing to obtain authorization from the baby’s mother to see him at a place other than a government facility in Mexico City. The final ruling on the case has not been issued. The actor affirms his only priority is the child’s happiness and wellbeing.

Call to vote

The actor called on all Puerto Ricans who live in the U.S. to participate in the elections that will take place on Tuesday, November 6th. He published a video on social media where he encourages fellow Puerto Ricans to participate in the process. “As part of the Puerto Rican diaspore, we must be heard at the urns. We have the strength and we can make a difference,” he said.

With that video, Julián joins forces with PODER (#PoderPuertoRico).  This is a non-partisan movement that is mobilizing Puerto Ricans who live in the continental U.S. to register to vote. He believes this will put pressure to demand improvements on the island. Julián exhorted Puerto Ricans to register and to vote in the upcoming elections.

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