Gaby Espino – The Queen of Social Media

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Gaby Espino – The Queen of Social Media


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Gaby Espino is a well-known image on the Spanish-speaking television in the United States. She starred in 7 soap operas for Telemundo and it is a familiar face in conducting several shows for the same T.V. network. This artist has also conquered the big screen, with five film productions. Gaby now rules the screens of computers and smart phones. She has more than 15 million followers in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. “I love to motivate my fans and all the people that follows me,” she said. But she didn’t stop at offering beauty advice; she launched her own line of makeup products.

Influential entrepreneur

Gaby started using social media almost a decade ago. During this time, the Venezuelan artist developed her blog “Mi Vida,” where she shares her daily activities. Then, she launched her YouTube channel, where she offers tutorials explaining makeup tricks for the perfect look. “I guide young women to choose good quality products and to use them in the best way possible,” she explained.

Gaby currently has more than five million followers in Twitter; almost seven in Facebook; and more than three in Instagram. Gaby explains that “it is a great responsibility; but I love it. I believe this creates mutual learning. I love to motivate my fans and all the people who follows me. Through this direct communication that exists within social media, they motivate me to get

The constant contact with her fans, and being an influencer, motivated Gaby to venture as an entrepreneur in the beauty business. In 2015, she launched two lipstick brands and a nail polish collection. “My business was born from the social media. It started with the things that my fans were asking for… and I thought: Why not offer them something that I know how is made, that I can trust 100% and that is mine?”

Gaby has succeeded with her enterprises. She has become a phenomenon with the development of the beauty products. She doesn’t hold back her entrepreneurial spirit and shares with us her new projects. “I will launch a new line of lipstick this summer. And we are already working on all the surprises for the rest of the year. There will be so many good things that I am dying to tell you about. For now, I can tell you that we are thinking about ‘woman 360’, or her whole and integral beauty.”

The mother and healthy woman

Gaby is a mom to two little ones. 7-year old Oriana and 4-year old Nikolas. She loves being a mom and enjoys every minute of it. “I love to watch movies and sleep with them. It is the best thing in the world. There are no words to describe what it is like to wake up with them. I also enjoy taking them to the beach and the swimming pool,” she added.

Gaby told us she feels very happy. But she didn’t share with us who owns her heart. “I own it. I hope,” she said. However, for the past few weeks she has sent affectionate messages, on social media, to Arap Betke, also a Telemundo actor. She even traveled to Mexico to be with Bethke, after a recent accident he had.

Gaby’s happiness seems to be related to her good physical condition as well. “Part of my secret is to exercise; drink lots of water; avoid the sun, and smile a lot! The last one is the key,” insisted the actress. She said she doesn’t have any food secrets. “My favorite breakfast is and ‘arepa’. For lunch and dinner, sushi is my first option and Peruvian food -cebiche-, next.”

Gaby also explained her beauty routine. “The main things is to take my make up off, no matter how tired I am. And I never forget to apply my hydrating creams. You can find the rest of my routines on my channel “GabyEspinoTV,” she said. It will be through that channel and her other social media accounts that we will continue to see her, while she decides to go back to the small or big screen.

The expert talks

“We [Latinas], since a very young age, we try to put make up on, we steal our mom’s lipstick and we pretend to be a grown woman. We like to look good, and that is part of our personal care.” Gaby Espino


What Gaby prefers

Acting or conducting?

I like both. I started as a conductor in my country.

Jeans or silk?

I’ll stick to the jeans.

Curly hair or straight hair?

It depends on the occasion.

Bold lipstick or nude?

Talking about lipstick, I like variety. Check out my page for ideas.

Young or mature?

50 per cent young and 50 per cent mature… Hahahaha!

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