Enjoy the flavor of a good tequila

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Enjoy the flavor of a good tequila


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Las Delicias Restaurant just acquired an original tequila barrel, reposado style from Herradura. Chito Arreola, restaurant chef, recently traveled to Amatitán, Jalisco, to taste and choose from the different tequilas Herradura makes.

Arriola is not new to the flavor and aroma of tequila. This chef is native of Jalisco. He was born and raised in the land of tequila. Arriola, who has built his career in different continents, including Africa, Asia and North America, was adamant in his chose. He chose a reposado variety.

“The tequila our customers will enjoy, directly from the barrel, has the characteristics that chef Ariola chose to crate the perfect combination with this restaurant’s menu,” explained Guillermo Sánchez, representative of Brown-Forman, company that produces and commercializes the Herradura tequilas. 

Culinary experience

With the arrival of the reposado tequila barrel, comes the opportunity for a new culinary experience. “Tequila is the perfect drink to highlight the flavors of a good dish. And this applies perfectly to Mexican food,” said Sánchez. This expert recommends sipping on reposado while enjoying a good carne asada (steak).

Sanchez explains that the quality of Tequila Herradura comes from the production process. “These tequilas follow the traditional techniques. They are elaborated in an Artisan fashion and that is how they capture a particular flavor and aroma,” explained Sanchez, who joined chef Arriola during his visit to Amatitán.

Traditional method

Hacienda Herradura is located in Amatitán. This place has produced tequila since 1870. “In 148 years, the process has been refined. But many of the basic aspects remain the same. This is the only Hacienda in the world where tequila continues to be produced. The agave fields and the barrels are close to each other, with fruit trees, whose bacteria, ads to the aroma of the tequila,” he commented.

Sánchez explained that it takes 8 years for the agave fruit to be ripe for harvesting. These agave pineapples are worked by the “jimadores” who are the artisans in charge of the process. Once they are harvested, they are placed in ovens to be roasted. The product is then pressed to extract its juices. These juices are later distilled and stored in barrels.

Made in México

Since 2007, Tequilas Herradura are part of Brown-Forman, an international powerhouse for the production of liqueurs. This corporation acquired the Herradura products, precisely for representing a cultural heritage that translates into high quality products.

Under the direction of Brown-Forman, new varieties of products have been developed, including tequila “Jimador” style, honoring the artisans who make the product. This is a product with less aging. They have also developed the varieties Herradura Ultra and Herradura Suprema, which are aged for a longer time.

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