Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

You can’t miss the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Downtown Denver. You must be there early, before 8 am to find the best spot to enjoy this beautiful and busy event. Because the weather in the city is unpredictable, check the forecast before leaving home, wear layers and stay hydrated. Portable chairs are a nice item to bring with you.

The best spot to watch the parade is along Blake St. between 17th and 23rd avenues. The event includes dancers from Irish troupes and many other European countries. Additionally, you will see colorful Mexican dancers, and Peruvian groups representing the Andean culture. At the end of the parade, you can enjoy lunch and drinks at the downtown bars and restaurants that will be ready for you.

2018 Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

8:00AM – 12:00pm

Starting at Wynkoop and 17th.

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