David Bisbal The superstar of pop

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David Bisbal The superstar of pop


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David Bisbal continues to travel the world. He will finish the European leg of his tour “Hijos del Mar” (Children of the Sea) in mid-October to continue in Latin America at the end of the month. This young Spanish singer has completed 6 tours throughout the whole word with more than 600 concerts. He has sold five million albums and won two Latin Grammys plus many other awards. Seventeen years after he began his musical career he is a consolidated artist and a happy man. “I am very much in love,” he said.


He was born on June 5th, 1979 in Almeria, Spain. He is the youngest of three siblings and was always focused on his music and the stage. He left school and joined Orquesta Expresiones as a singer. His big break happened in 2001 during the first season of “Operación Triunfo”, a music talent contest in Spain.

Bisbal was one of the winners and that was his platform to enter the music industry. He sold one and a half million albums during the first six months with his first project “Corazón Latino” that included singles such as “Ave María”, “Dígale”, “Lloraré las penas” and “Vuelvo a ti”. He has released five more productions after that, and two albums, with DVD, recorded live. These are “Una noche en el Teatro Real” y “Concierto en el Royal Albert Hall”.

These albums show his growth as an artist. Between 2011 and 2012, he performed at 128 concerts, including important venues such as Teatro Real de Madrid, Royal Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in Nueva York, Luna Park in Buenos Aires y el Teatro Nacional de México. His latest album, “Hijos del Mar’ (Children of the Sea) is the main course of the latest show, that has been praised by critics as being charged with positive energy and lots of rhythm. 

What have you learned during your tour “Hijos del Mar”?

David Bisbal: It has taught me that true success is the love of the fans, their support. I have felt that now more than ever. I am looking forward to every country we will be visiting in Latin America, to keep feeling the same. We have worked hard to be more in contact with the fans, like never before. This is a high-tech production, with a lot of visuals; and a continuous show.

You are a world-renowned artist. What do you still need to accomplish? Where would you like to sing and why?

DB: Truth is, I am not looking at what I haven’t accomplished. I am at a good moment and I like to take one step at a time, always trying to innovate with every album and concert. I like to reinvent myself. I am really excited about visiting México, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

After your duet with Christian Nodal with the song “Probablemente”, how did it feel to sing Regional Mexican music?

DB: It felt very natural. Singing with someone like Christian, whom I follow and admire, is always a pleasure. I think he has a great future. Luckily, I have always interpreted many genres and styles, and this wasn’t new for me, it felt very comfortable, especially with someone like Christian.

You are a creative power on the production of your albums, what is your direction for a future album?

DB: I haven’t even thought about my next album. I am very happy with “Hijos del Mar,” and how well it has been accepted by the audience. It’s been the most aggressive production, with the influence of international and electronic music and for the new sounds and styles we explored, but we have no idea if the next one will continue this line or will be totally different.


It is fair to say that Bisbal is a whole artist. He is a singer, songwriter and an actor. However, throughout his career he has also been a coach for new talents. He has been a judge and mentor for contests of talent shows like “La Voz” in Spain and Mexico, as well as “La Apuesta,” also in Mexico. Bisbal brings his talent and experience. He is living proof of effort and hard work.

What advice do you give to the ones who win and those who lose?

DB: I tell everyone the same, to work hard to achieve their goals, but overall to enjoy the moment they are living and the music, because those moments only happen once. There is only one winner at the talent shows, but participating is sometimes even more important than winning. Everyone needs to find their path.


The year 2010 was very important for Bisbal. He completed his third world tour “Sin mirar atrás.” His voice was part of the movie “La última canción”, as a duet with Miley Cyrus, the teen singer of that moment. But the most important event of that year was that he became a father for the first time. His daughter Ella was born.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a father?

DB: Everyone who is a father knows that from the moment that happens, it becomes the center of your life. You become first a father, then an artist, musician, a doctor… It is the center of your life and you will do anything for them. Every day I learn a million things with my daughter, to value what is important, to enjoy the simple things.

What is the biggest satisfaction that you have felt from being Ella’s father?

DB: The fact that is exists, that she is there. The fact that she looks at me, calls me, tells me stories… every detail becomes the most important every day.


Who is your musical idol in Spain and in the world?

DB: I listen to all kinds of music and I try to keep the best from each genre. At home, when I was a child, we listened from Camarón, or Los Chicos, to Michael Jackson, who I love. In fact, one of my favorite songs is “Billie Jean.” I also love Alex Clare, and the ease how he blends genres like pop, soul and electronic music. I recently had the fortune of singin with my idol, the great Juan Luis Guerra at the Hola London Festival.

Would you consider growing your hair again?

DB: It hasn’t occurred to me, to be honest. I don’t know. I think I look pretty good right now, hahaha.

What music do you like to dance when you go to a party?

DB: I listen and dance all kinds of music. Every style is good for dancing. But lately I’ve been listening to a lot of international music with electronic influences.


Bisbal has incorporated a Mariachi to his tour “Hijos del Mar” for his song “Probablemente”, the song he recorded as a duet with Mexican singer Christian Nodal. After the earthquakes, Bisbal has mentioned his support for Mexico on every one of his concerts in Europe. “I have a special feeling when I sing in Mexico, I feel for their suffering and the aftermath of a country where I have so many good friends,” said Bisbal.

He goes further and is committed to help social causes. As a UNICEF ambassador, he has participated in initiatives in Latin America and plans to do the same in Mexico. “Our thoughts and all our solidarity is with them. I will do everything in my hands to help. I want to bring Mexicans a little happiness amidst the chaos.” He will make an announcement soon.


Bisbal is at a great time in his life. He shared the news of his relationship with Rosanna Zanetti with his social media followers. He shows that he is happier than ever, and emotionally strong. He has said that he highly respects and admires the Venezuelan actress and model.

What do you enjoy the most from Rosanna’s company?

DB: I must say that I am very happy. Rosanna is very similar to me in nature, and we feel that we have found each other. I love that people notices my happiness, and if I can transmit that on stage, even better. It is also great that she is with me during this very intense tour. It makes it a lot easier on me. She tries to be at my concerts as much as possible.

Can you describe Rosanna in three words?

DB: It is hard to describe in just three words the person with whom I share my life. Rosanna is a person with a charming personality, energtic and brilliant in everything she does. She has a lot of energy, like me, but I must say that sometimes her calm is what I need when my energy is too high.

Which Venezuelan dish has she taught you to eat or cook?

DB: She has made many: arepas, cachapas, fried plantains. But, even though I can be a good helper in cooking these Venezuelan dishes, it is in the best interest of our health that she does the cooking.


David Bisbal loves practicing sports. He is an athlete. For a long time, he practiced biking. Another of his passions is diving, which he practices in Spanish waters. He is a regular at the ocean depths of Cabo de Palos, Murcia. He has shared on social media selfies and videos amongst fish and reefs. And he is committed to teach the love for the sea to his daughter Ella.

How do you stay healthy and in shape?

DB: For me, being in shape physically and mentally is totally necessary. I must be ready to give 100 percent; because I have little time to rest. I watch what I eat, I sleep good and practice outdoor sports as much as I can.

Which are your favorite sports?

DB: What I practice the most is diving. I love biking, but I have stopped practicing because I discovered it wasn’t benefiting my work. It is so hard that instead of helping, it was taking away from me, especially with my back. Every time I can, I run, I ride Go Karts and I relax playing Ping-Pong.

What do you eat for breakfast?

DB: I usually eat cereals, lots of fruit, coffee and toast, for breakfast. It also depends on the situation. Sometimes when I am on tour, I have to adapt to the different hours and get breakfast and lunch mixed up.

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