Christian Nodal: New idol of the Regional Mexican genre

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Christian Nodal: New idol of the Regional Mexican genre


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Christian Nodal is a phenomenon of the Regional Mexican music. With 20 years of age, Christian broke records on every digital platform. His single “Adiós Amor”, remained on the first place of the Billboard for Regional Mexican for 72 weeks. And the song “No te contaron mal”, on his second production, has also been received well by the public. Christian has won three Grammys and has performed on important venues in Mexico and the United States. We talked with Christian about his career, what he likes and what he loves.  

Christian Nodal, born in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, was a child prodigy for music. When he was eight years old, he was already playing the trumpet, and by the age of ten he learned to play piano. At the age of thirteen, he was playing guitar. With a big passion for songwriting, he wrote his first songs when he was still very young. However, things really changed for him when he decided to post one of his songs to social media platforms, which went viral in a few days. 

At the age of 20, Christian has conquered a varied group of fans with a musical genre that he has created. Christian has merged mariachi music with “Norteña” music and calls his style “Mariacheño”. With his successful single “Adiós Amor”, Christian conquered his country and expanded beyond its borders. To date, “Adiós Amor” has more than 775 million views on YouTube and his most recent hit “No te contaron mal” has 285 million view in the first eight months after its drop.

New album

His first album “Me Dejé Llevar” made history after it was number one on the Billboard for Regional Mexican for 72 weeks. His new production “Ahora” includes 14 songs, eight of those written by him. The artist said this album has many components and its songs are good for singing and for dancing. With this production, the songwriter from Sonora cements his position as one of the most talented songwriters of his generation with his unique style “Mariacheño”. 

¿What is the meaning of your new album “Ahora”?

Christian Nodal:  I always want my productions to have a theme. “Ahora” (now) is something that I like and enjoy. From the “now” I can look into the future and visualize all the blessings that are coming to me. Also, from the “now” I can look back into the past and appreciate all the blessings I have already received. Now is when I feel the strongest and the most blessed. And I am ready to share the best of my music and of myself.

¿What inspires you to write songs? 

CN: Knowing that many people that might be going through the situation that I talk about on the song, could find solace in listening to it. And, if they are not in the situation described on the song, it might be in their past or in their future. That fact that my fans identify with my music, and the simple action of creating music, is something that I love. Every time I write a song it is like creating an entire world.

Reaping his harvest

His great success has made Christian become a singer with a great career at a very young age. In 2017, he recorded a duet with David Bisbal called “Probablemente” and he opened a concerto for Marc Anthony in Las Vegas. At the beginning of 2018, he was part of Pepe Aguilar’s show “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras”. Christian is without a doubt one of the big ones in the Regional Mexican genre. And that has been recognized by the music industry with Grammys, Billboard, Lo Nuestro and Juventud awards. The artist has also received several gold and platinum records.

How does it feel to get a Grammy?

CN: Getting a Grammy when you are 19 was one of the biggest things that has happened in my life. I never thought that I could do that. A movie of my family, my fans, my work team, and all those who are always encouraging me and wishing me well, came to my head at that moment. I kept all those who are working with me, to get to where we want to be, in my mind. I felt proud, happy and immensely grateful.

Where do you keep all the awards you have received so far?

CN: My awards are in my mom’s room. And the other half is at my dad’s office. There is a promise behind that. While I live with them, every award I receive stays with them. That is how it is. It is a way of keeping them involved in my career. They have worked really hard for me and for my career.

On tour

Christian is on his “Ahora” tour that is traveling through Mexico and the United States. He is the first Regional Mexican artist that has performed at the House and Blues in Orlando. Tickets for his concert at the Dolby Theater, an iconic Los Angeles venue, sold out a month before the event. This tour kicked off at the prestigious Auditorio Temex in Jalisco. This show includes a 20-piece band and special effects.

Christian has presented his show “Ahora” to sold out audiences in about 20 cities in the United States.

So far, what venue have you performed at that was special for you and why?   

CN: I believe my concert at the Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara left a mark on me. This is one of the most important venues in Mexico. And it was a big challenge because tapatios have high standards and are used to high quality shows. I feel they were happy with my show.

What is your dream venue? 

CN: The most ambitious goal I have is to perform at the Estadio Azteca. That venue can pack 100,000 people.

What he likes and what he loves

Christian revealed to CASA Magazine many of the things he does on his everyday life.

What kind of music do you have on your cell phone?

CN: You would be surprised because in my cellphone I have all kinds of music from many different genres. And I have songs from almost every artist.

What is your favorite Netflix series?

CN: The Resident, the one Rene made. He traveled throughout the world combining sounds and telling stories from different countries. Some places he visited were at war. It was an interesting process, especially for his love for music and how much effort he put on this project. It was a complicated experience and I believe the result was extraordinary.

What is your favorite social media platform?

CN: Without a doubt Instagram. That is where I can post stories for my fans and publish pictures. I can also capture special moments, and I can easily respond to messages.

What is your favorite dish? 

CN: Lasagna, “tacos al vapor” and “frijoles borrachos.” But only the ones that my mom makes. I can eat that elsewhere and I don’t like them.

You have created the “mariacheño” music style, but when you have to dance, do you prefer a “cumbia sonidera” or the “pasito duranguense”?

CN: I’ll stick to the cumbia. It is in my blood.

A love in your life?

CN: I have the love of my mother and my father. Also, my new album, that is very special to me. I think albums are like babies to artists. So far, that is my biggest love that is all mine.

Tell us a dream that you want to fulfil. 

CN: I dream that my music is not only for those who like Regional Mexican. I want my music to be universal and for everyone to like it. I want the whole world to respect it and to make sure that it is at the level it needs to be.A

His love for Sonora

Christian was born in a family of renowned musicians in Sonora. And for him, his family is sacred and one of his main anchors in life. But, at the same time, Christian loves the place where he was born and raised. He loves the place that he calls “my home.”

What place in Sonora would you recommend us to visit and why?

CN: I would invite you to Puerto Peñasco. It is as really cool beach where you can eat delicious seafood. The whether and the vibes will make you feel really happy. And those who want a different menu, they can eat a good carne asada. You will also love the cheese, the grapes and even the delicious asparagus.

Coming to Denver 

Tour “Ahora” by Christian Nodal

October 26th, 2019


Paramount Theatre

1621 Glenarm Pl. Denver, CO 80202

After his concert at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Christian Nogal received a Gold album for his sales in Mexico, and a Platinum for his sales in the U.S.

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