Celebrating 10th anniversary

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Celebrating 10th anniversary

Sabor, the greatest summer event, is arriving to its 10th anniversary. Get a taste of over 40 top restaurants from Denver, while sipping on some of the finest spirits, beers and wines. At this 21-and-up event, you will be able to explore the different flavors from all the regions of the Americas. You will also enjoy the array of music and art from the most serene gardens in the city. The place of this celebration will be the Denver Botanic Gardens, as usual.

You can buy a General Audience or VIP tickets. But, this year you have an additional option, the Ultra VIP tickets. Those who choose this kind of tickets would enjoy exclusive access to a tequila tasting. To facilitate the access to the Botanic Gardens, there will be free parking and shuttle service at York Street Parking lot. The organizers are also working on an after party that will take place at Dorchester on Market St.

Friday August 4

Denver Botanic Gardens

1007 York Street

Denver, CO 80206

General audience

6- 9pm


5- 9pm

Free Parking and Shuttle

1600 York Street

Parking Lot

Denver, CO 80206

To buy tickets


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