Becky G: The Mexican queen of reggaeton

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Becky G: The Mexican queen of reggaeton

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Who hasn’t sung the song “Mayores” or “Sin Pijamas”? The YouTube videos for these songs have surpassed one thousand million views each. Success goes hand in hand with this talented 22-year-old woman who has become the queen of urban music in Spanish. Becky G has also started her acting career with “Power Rangers” and “A.X.L.” She was born in California and she is very proud of her immigrant Mexican parents. “I am American and Mexican,” she said.

A millennial

Becky G feels a big responsibility with her generation. “Many young people want to change the world, make a difference. But they are treated as if they are little kids and they can’t do it,” said the artist. Becky G found her own way to success. When she was 14 years old, she found a way to materialize her dreams. She uploaded her singing videos to YouTube. A music producer saw her talent and offered an attractive contract to record and produce her work.

As a teenager, she learned what success feels like, and she is now sharing her experience. She wants to be an example to motivate others. “Other young people, even I, want to show our generation that we can do it. That nothing is impossible, and it doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you have or the color off your skin, none of that has anything to do with your dreams; you can fight for them,” she added. She knows what she is talking about. She was born at a humble home in Inglewood, California. Her parents are immigrants.

Good performance

Becky G is holding high the names of immigrants’ children. At the end of October 2018, she was awarded, for the second consecutive time, the favorite female artist category of the Latin American Music Awards. “This category means a lot to me, at this time when women are winning, we are all winning and together we are stronger,” said Becky G when she received the award. She added “I am grateful for the success we have had. It makes me happy that the fans are enjoying my music.”

At the same ceremony, Becky G joined Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny. Both artists received the award to the Best Urban Song of 2018 for the single “Mayores”, which they sing together. This song has had major impact since it was released in mid-2017. The video has more than 1,287 million views.

Becky G has continued her success in music. Her song “Sin Pijama”, which she sings with Natti Natasha, has reached 1,017 million views on the same platform.

On the sets

Like Jennifer Lopez, a star that she admires since she was a girl, Becky G mentioned that acting “was always a big passion” for her, in addition to music. “I was very inspired by the world of acting. I knew that one day I would have the opportunity to do it, but it had to be something meaningful,” she explained. The artist confessed that Power Rangers was a really big production for her debut on the movies, which brought a lot of pressure.

“I didn’t go to drama school to learn how to act. I was learning on the spot,” she explained. That experience helped her a lot for her work on A.X.L. “I felt more involved because I felt more secure as an actress, and I knew how to make decisions. How would Sara -my character- act if she was mad? What would she say?” she explained. Becky G said director Oliver Daly allowed her to participate in the creation of the character and some improvisation on set as well.

Her background

This singer and actress comes from a humble Mexican family. “I am Mexican American, and I am very proud to be Latina. I grew up listening to Selena Quintanilla and I always remember my favorite line from the movie, when her dad tells her” ‘You are either too American for the Mexicans or too Mexican for the Americans. You can’t be in the middle.’ I believe Selena proved to be that perfect bridge for Spanglish: That is my generation. I am proud to be Mexican and American,” she said.

Recently, the singer explained that because English is her first language, she has felt fear for using incorrectly her new language, Spanish. She remembers having panic attacks when she would go on red carpets and having to face journalists. “I would have panic attacks because I didn’t feel secure of my Spanish language. I was super ‘pocha’. Now I am ‘pocha’, and proud of it. I am learning Spanish a bit at a time,” explained the artist.

Proud Mexican American speaks

Becky G was born Rebbeca Marie Gómez. She is the oldest of four children, all born in the United States. Her parents Francisco and Alejandra came from Tenamaxtlán, Jalisco as teenagers. Miguel, Francisco’s father, was the pioneer who decided to leave his town and come to the United States with his family. The singer’s grandfather, who still lives, dedicated his life to be a golf course landscaper. Francisco learned gardening and auto mechanics from his father.

Francisco and Alejandra taught their children the value of hard work. “They worked hard to get ahead. And they encouraged Becky to pursue her dreams. They paid attention to her and always took her to young artist auditions,” explained chef Chito Arreola, Becky G’s cousin who lives in Denver. “She is younger than me, but I remember her from family reunions for Christmas in Tenamaxtlán”, remembered Arreola. The artist got in touch with her roots and has the ability to integrate that with her Mexican American identity.

What is your favorite Mexican dish

Becky G: Pozole, over any other dish. My mom makes it really spicy.

What is your favorite T.V. show?

BG: “The Fosters” is definitely one of my favorites.

Do you like Mexican ‘telenovelas’?

BG: Yes, I like them. I saw “Lo que la vida me robó” … for the story and the actors.

Her inspiration

“Selena [Quintanilla], Jennifer López, Shakira. They are powerful women, and you can see they are really cool, they are always smiling. I have worked and sung in the same room with Jennifer Lopez. She is very classy and educated. [I also admire] Jenni Rivera, Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera. I have learned something from each of them, because they are powerful women that have impacted the world, especially other women,” said Becky G.

Her own style

“My style of music is urban pop. I am a rapper, and I sing fusion because I have a lot of Latin influence. I grew up listening to rancheras, cumbia, reggaetón … I am from the 90s, so I [also] grew up listening to Britney Spears and N’Sync,” explained the singer.

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