Aracely Arámbula Open to find love again

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Aracely Arámbula Open to find love again


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Aracely Arámbula captivates us with each episode of “La Doña”, successful soap opera from Telemundo that she stars. Her beauty and talent are worth of admiration. That has been the case since her beginnings when she participated in beauty pageants in her home town of Chihuahua. Later, we have seen her in soap operas, theater and music productions. She is also an accomplished entrepreneur and a devoted mother. And she is still open to find love again.

With a purpose

Aracely returned to soap operas about 5 years ago, after being absent for about a decade. She is currently the lead in “La Doña,” her third production with Telemundo. In this production, she embodies Altagracia Sandoval, a beautiful, elegant, and successful woman who owns an empire in construction. However, behind her devilishly angelic smile, she hides a painful past.

“When she was very young, she had a traumatic episode that made her become the ruthless Doña. She became a monster, full of hate, after being raped by 5 men, who also killed her parents and her boyfriend. Pregnant and desperate, she takes refuge at her aunt Yesenia’s home. Yesenia is a witch who teaches her how to contact the occult forces, and reinforces her hatred for men,” explained the actress.

“I have enjoyed this project and I have worked every aspect of it,” she said. The actress confessed that being part of this production has allowed her to support a social cause. Aracely is part of Telemundo’s project El Poder en ti (The Power in You), a page that helps women victims of abuse. “I am the voice for them to be heard,” said the actress with pride. She ahs also been linked to organizations that raise funds to benefit children with cancer.

A dream come true

“When I was little, I wanted to be a singer because my grandfather used to sing in a trio… and I moved to D.F. pursing that dream, and landed my first role on the production ‘Pueblo chico, infierno grande,’ where I played a younger version of a role by Veronica Castro,” she recalls. After that, Aracely participated in productions such as “Cañaveral de pasiones”, “Soñadoras”, “Abrázame muy fuerte” and “Las vías del amor”.

Aracely persisted with her intention of singing. In the year 2000, she was nominated to the Billboard Awards for her album “Solo Tuya.” Later, she recorded “Sexy, an album produced by A.B. Quintanilla, Selena’s brother. “Now I sing the musical theme for La Doña, written by songwriter Samo,” she explains. Aracely showed her talent as an actress and singer when she led the play “Perfume de Gardenia (Scent of Gardenias).”

The love of her life

Aracely is proud of Miguel and Daniel, her children with singer Luis Miguel. “Oh, my kids… I expected Miguelito for the end of December but he arrived in January as a gift from the Wise Men. Danielito was born in December, so they have both been Christmas presents for me. They are my life and my happiness… I work for them and give my best for them. I have been their mom and dad, but I have the support of my whole family,” she explained.

The actress makes no public reference to the father of her children. She also gives no clues regarding her current relationship status. “I go out with friends, and I am open to love again… I will always be open to love.” That is all she says about her love life. The Mexican press had recently spread rumors about her romance with a textile entrepreneur. But it was later known that her new love was plastic surgeon Juan Pablo Menendez, a man from Ecuador.

Her beauty

At her 41 years of age, this actress keeps her sculptural figure. In “La Doña”, her voluptuous curves are noticeable during the scenes where she appears scantily dressed. “After my two pregnancies, I lost the baby weight quickly, but it was not magic. I am disciplined, eat healthy and exercise a lot. I take care of my health and I want to feel good,” she explains.

Part of her routine is the practice of sports. She spends time swimming and practicing “kick boxing.” She also confessed: “I have the fortune of having my brother close to me, he is a great doctor and he is always taking care of me,” she said. Aracely and her brother own a spa-clinic that operates in Mexico.

Love for her hometown

Aracely Arámbula was born and raised in Chihuahua, Chihuahua. She continues to have a connection with her hometown. “I love my hometown, I am proud to be from Chihuahua; I miss my family, my friends and the food. I have wonderful memories of my city,” she said.

With style

Aracely defines her style as “feminine, classic, sexy and elegant.” I believe that fashion is one thing and style is a different thing. Style is when you make fashion your own thing, and it becomes my way of presenting myself to the world. Clothes are only a complement to how you present yourself to the world. Your style reflects how much harmony there is between your interior world and the world around you,” she explains. She loves hats and handbags.

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