Please ensure electronic files submitted meet the following requirements:

Ad Sizes

AD_SIZES_2013 2

Magazine Specifications

› Deadline is every 20th of the month previous to the edition.

› Magazine Trim Size: 8.375″ (wide) x 10.875″ (height)

› Bleed Sizes: 1/8″ on outside edges for any ad size. All type and live matter for bleed pages must be kept at least 3/8″ from full-page trim dimensions of 8.375″ (wide) x 10.875″ (height).

Digital File Requirements

› Labeling requirements for all disks/media submitted must include: Application/Platform, Name of advertiser, Contact Person, Phone Number, File Number/Name.  If you are submitting compressed files by email or “You Send It”, please specify all your information in the subject line of the email.

› Applications accepted: MAC or PC platforms; Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Abode Photoshop, Adobe PDF (High Resolution).

› Make certain that page size is built at the size of the publication. Full page ads should be set up correct trim size 8.875”(wide) x 10.375”(high). Allow 1/8 inch for bleed. Files with multiple pages should be created as a single layout file.

› All fonts need to be included and placed in a separated folder; include both screen and printer fonts. Otherwise, fonts need to be converted to curves or outlines before submitting your file.

› All images used need to be included and placed in a separated folder.  Do not embed images.

› All graphics must be in TIFF, EPS or PDF format. All photos should be at 300 DPI. All bitmapped graphics (line art) should be at least 600 DPI. No  JPEG compressed images. No LZW compression.

› All colors should be assigned a CMYK value.  We are not responsible for changes in color for files submitted in spot colors.  No RGB files are accepted.

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