Adamari López Her good vibes

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Adamari López Her good vibes

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Adamari López wins you over with her beauty, her charm and her cheerfulness. She has had a successful career in the soap opera industry with more than 20 productions. She succeeded in Mexico, Venezuela and her home Puerto Rico. From the silver screen, she leaped over to the big screen with eight movies. For the past five years she has been the conductor of “Un Nuevo Día,” a morning show produced by Telemundo in Miami. “I leave the difficulties aside and let the good things come in,” she told us in an exclusive interview.

Family advice

Adamari López was born in Humacao, a coastal town in the Southwest of Puerto Rico. Her father was a small business owner and her mother was a homemaker.  Adamari, third of four siblings, began her artistic career at a young age and became quite famous. However, she continued her education and graduated from college with a degree in Communications and Marketing. She also started her Master’s in Public Relations before moving to Mexico.


What piece of advice did you get at home that you would like to share with Hispanic youth living in the U.S.?

Adamari López: My dad was a countryman. He was the oldest of fourteen siblings and therefore had very few opportunities when he was growing up. He worked very hard to provide us with everything we needed to succeed. The most important gift he gave us was an education. My father insisted that I continued to study and get good grades. He asked that all the time until I graduated from college. I tell Latino parents to ask the same from their kids. Education is what opens the doors to the future.

A child star

Adamari got on the Puerto Rican television at the age of six. She was part of the cast of “Cristina Bazán,” a very successful soap opera starred by Puerto Rican actress Johanna Rosaly and Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez. When she was nine, she started a drama production with the famous vedette and actress Iris Chacón. From an early age Adamari became an icon of her country’s T.V. and culture.

We have seen recent videos of your daughter Alaia showing her artistic talents. Would you like her to be an artist?

AL: It is not about my plans. Alaia must get an Education, the same way my parents told me. She already started school. From a young age, she needs tools to grow. And that is the path I am guiding her to. I am exposing to a variety of opportunities, like swimming lessons, gymnastics, and dance lessons so she can develop her skills and in the future, decide what is it that she wants to do. I am here to be her guide.

What she misses the most

Adamari is one of the most recognized young Latina actresses. She was honored by the Puerto Rican legislature for her artistic career. She has received four “TV y Novelas” awards and one ACE Award. After succeeding in her hometown, she was for a short time in Venezuela and then moved to Mexico for ten years. She became famous in the Aztec country with soap operas like “Amigas y Rivales,” “Mujer de Madera” and “Camila,” among others. She also participated in “Mujer, casos de la vida real.”

What do you miss the most from Puerto Rico?

AL: I have many memories from my family and friends, but I am always in contact with them through the internet. Many times, I miss the delicious food from my country. But the music, with all the flavor and joy it brings, I carry with me everywhere I go.

What do you remember from Venezuela?

AL: I ate a lot of arepas and tequeños in Venezuela. Many times, my colleagues from “Un Nuevo Día” bring those dishes to the studio and I love it. I also love the sense of humor Venezuelans have.

What do you miss from Mexico?

AL: The food and the people. And the wonderful drama productions I participated in while I was there. The people of Mexico opened their arms for me. Many people think I am Mexican. In Mexico, I was given the opportunity to grow professionally; and I got a lot of personal satisfactions. I made good friends and really enjoyed working there. I am highly grateful for the love and warmth how Mexicans treat me.

The positive

Adamari has shared with her fans her moments of happiness, like the birth of her daughter Alaia. However, her first autobiography, “Viviendo”, was focused around more painful times in her life. On one side, she talks about her painful divorce from Luis Fonsi. She also explains how she endured surgeries and chemotherapy to win her fight with cancer.

How does it help you to be a positive person?

AD: I am an organized mess. I enjoyed every moment and every opportunity life puts in front of me. I love my job to threads. I enjoy acting and now my job as a conductor. I enjoy life. Whether life is good, or complicated, I always find a way to laugh at it, and find the positive side of life. I leave the difficulties aside and let the good things come in. I am convinced that most of the time we create our circumstances. I laugh hard, regardless of protocol.

Dancing with Tony

Her romance with her beau began on the dance floor. Tony Costa, a choreographer and dancer from Spain was one of her dance partners on the reality show “Mira Quién Baila,” in 2011. Adamari, who won the contest, had some exciting and romantic moments with Costa during the show that she ended up winning. The kiss the shared after dancing a tango song was widely commented. They also danced bachata, cha-cha, urban rhythms, rock & roll and salsa.

What song or rhythm do you still need to dance with Toni?

AL: Wow! I don’t know what to tell you. Probably a “Jive”, which is an African American dance in the United States. Tony is mostly a ballroom dancer and we had many opportunities to dance when we were at the show “Mira Quién Baila”. We enjoyed a variety of genres. We have continued to dance the six years we have been together, but I think the jive is quite complex. He dances it spectacularly.

Social commitment

Adamari López is very proud to be the first Latina spokesperson for the Comcast program “Internet Essentials”. “I understand how important it is to be connected to the internet. Access to information allows us Latinos to get better work opportunities and for our children to have a more well-rounded education,” she explained. López works for more Hispanic families to have access to the Internet. “We must reduce the digital gap that separates us from the general population in North America.”

Hosting a morning show

This talented Puerto Rican has lived in the United States for the past decade. We see her in her role as a morning show anchor. She is part of the crew that conducts “Un Nuevo Día,” a morning show produced by Telemundo. In this show, Adamari shows her talent and her charm. In the show, she acts, comments on news, dances, among other things. She reaches her goal of keeping her audience entertained every day.

What benefits does it bring to get up early in the morning to be on air by 7 am?

AL:  It has brought a lot of benefits to me. I can enjoy the sunrise. It also gives me the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with my daughter, after she gets off from school. We do things together. I take her to her swimming and gymnastics lessons. I have time to enjoy with my husband, I can exercise, I can see my friends and family. The day is long and productive. I used to think I was not a morning person, but happens that now I am.

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