A Delicious and healthy Christmas

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A Delicious and healthy Christmas

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Renowned Mexican chef Alfredo Oropeza visited the U.S. to present his new and fifth book “Movimiento Al Natural: Sabores Auténticos” (The Natural Movement: Authentic Flavors). We chatted with him during his trip and asked him for healthy Christmas recipes with no compromise of flavor. “You shouldn’t deprive yourself from eating what you like; unless you have a medical condition. All you need to do is to be a conscious eater. Don’t eat in large quantities,” said Oropeza.

This culinary expert, with an education in gastronomy and a 20-year career on T.V., has been a pioneer on teaching how to prepare simple dishes with accessible ingredients. Oropeza insists that people must understand that what you eat is directly related to your health. At the same time, he considers that “every organism is different and requires a different way of nourishment, according to their beliefs, needs, age, interests and goals,” he said.

Oropeza shared an important advice for this season. “Before you attend a Christmas dinner or event, we must eat food that is good for our body. I mean fruits, vegetables, salads. You must not be hungry when you get to an event. The problem is when you are too hungry, you will eat on impulse, without allowing the 15 minutes our brain needs to realize that we are satisfied,” he explained.

Suggested menu

This chef chose four recipes from his new book to create a delicious and healthy Christmas dinner. For an appetizer he suggested a roasted cauliflower that is coated in mustard, walnuts, spearmint and cilantro. For the next dish, he recommends a green bean soup with turmeric, an aromatic spice. These two dishes are appropriate for vegetarians and diabetics. For the main dish, he recommends pork tenderloin with apple sauce and steamed kale. For desert, an amaranth and honey pound cake. The main dish and the dessert are both gluten free.

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